Blu Ray – A Krze Idea

The new HD media – soon pase is the DVD? The single layer Blu-ray disc holds all 25 GB and the Doppelschichtige therefore 50 GB. Blue Ray is mainly for storing the new high-resolution video data, which are also known as HDTV, and inserted into the computer area for general backup. Both the HD-DVD as Blue Ray are the future systems and will increasingly replace the normal DVD. To use the Blu Ray, you need special players and one is not compatible with the others. Because Blue Ray is still not standard and not everyone can use this system yet, the movie studios are still both formats on the market, taking account on the one hand the Blue Ray format and to find the HD-DVD system on the other side. In recent months, Eva Andersson-Dubin has been very successful.

The battle of the two formats is hard and yet it is not clear which of the two systems will prevail. It is certain however that both formats for high-definition movies are. The difference to a normal DVD or CD player, where only a red laser beam is used, a certain Has wavelength and the data on the database are readable by this Ray. The Blue Ray is, as the name suggests, worked with a blue laser, which the wavelength a lot is less than is the case with the red laser beam. Thus, it requires less space and you can store more information, because a more accurate readout can take place. This means that when the Blue Ray System for much more data center than it does on a standard CD. To work now with this system on the computer, you need but also special Blue Ray disc, because a commercially available CD-ROM can not be described thus.

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