Autumn Marathon

Fashion – it is when everybody likes what you know it is all like. Fall fashion collections will present new models warm clothes and shoes. Catalogues Clothes Fall full of coats, jackets, hats and shoes, particularly relevant to our climate. Fall fashion collections will delight us with new models of warm fashion. Shine! Fall Trend – varnished boots to flat shoes if possible, not in black: let them will be blue, purple or green! Through the knee. Without boots this fall anywhere! Rivets and stones as jewelry will be here very helpful. Not a gray mouse! Sexy dress – "Case", a mini-skirt or even jeans gray boots with a prominent heel add as chic.

Just a classic genre for a feminine image. Almost "Cossacks." More feminine variation of cowboy boots is as follows: low heel, the average height and definitely brown-sand range. Cutie. Boots with decorative lacing (which is duplicated by lightning on the bootleg excoriate) – squeak autumn. Donna Summer wanted to know more. Add to them leggings, knitted dress and long scarf. In oblipku. Platform boots from stretch fabric, which is like a second skin sits on the foot – is the new trend of the season. With a dress this beauty just sing! Heavenly Beauty.

Incredibly fashionable thing in the new season – high leg boots with sky-blue suede Heels. Are identified for tight pants or a long fluffy skirt. Therefore, I highly recommend paying attention to the things of youth store. Chain stores in Russia, both for the country's poor are doing very good work: 'Pull' people from the markets, return to the stores and somehow ascribe to global trends. I wish all look fresh, beautiful and up to date!

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