An Unforgettable Place Vinales

Vinales is always a worth visiting place. Day and night always invites contemplation and rest. It is a unique place in Cuba. Why not the area boasts distinctions that attest to the above. To the late de1970 the Valley of Vinales, the great cavern of Santo Tomas and a curious species of plant that has survived since the era of the big dinosaurs and that living in the vicinity of Vinales were declared by Cuba national natural monuments.

In 1999 the UNESCO Heritage Committee awarded Vinales Valley Cultural Heritage category. And in 2001 the mogotes forming everything North of the aforementioned Valley and others coming were declared Vinales National Park. There is therefore ample reasons to visit Vinales. The first thing to think about is therefore where to stay and then what to do in Vinales. In terms of hosting there are two geographically different sites where this can be done: the Valley of Vinales and San Vicente. The first has more options because it is It is the village of Vinales with more than 100 private houses, two hotels and a camping, while there is only one hotel in the second. Both places are excellent from any point of view. We move on to Vinales Valley.

It’s actually a set of small valleys limited on the North by a chain of calcareous mountains composed of mogotes, while to the South extends a series of hills composed of rocks abound schist and slate, while its fund soar small mountains and isolated mogotes. Small rivers, low, flowing northward and meet in a single stream, which is named River Palmarito. It is immersed in a cavern at the foot of the mountains bordering the North of the Valley. The Fund of such valleys consists of very fertile red soils and seen from elevated areas give rise to beautiful visuals, where this red combines with the green of the vegetation of the mogotes, pine forests or crops of station.

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