The Tree

The other is goodness, joy, peace, love, the ARBOLDEMANZANAS makes long time there was a huge Apple tree. A little boy loved him very much and every day playing around him. He climbed the tree until it stops and the shade gave him. He loved the tree and the tree loved a child. Time passed and the little boy grew up and never returned to play around the huge tree. One day the boy returned to the tree and heard the tree told him sad: do you come to play with me? but the boy answered already I am not the child before playing around huge trees. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City takes a slightly different approach. What I want now are toys and I need money to buy them. I’m sorry, he said to the tree, but I have no money I suggest you to take all my apples and headbands.

This way you get the money for your toys. The boy felt very happy. He took all the apples and obtained money and tree returned to be happy. But the boy never returned after obtaining money and tree returned to be sad. Some time later, the boy returned and the tree was happy and asked him: are coming to play with me? I don’t have time to play. I work for my family. I need a House to share with my wife and children. Can you help me? I’m sorry, but I don’t have a House, but you can cut my branches and build your House.

The boy cut all the branches of the tree, this made happy again to the tree, but the young man never returned since that time and tree was again lonely and sad. True a warm summer day, the man returned and the tree was delighted. You come to play with me? He asked the tree. The man replied I’m sad and getting old.

Driver Education

Driver education in everyday life we can notice the way home, work, school or other activities is becoming increasingly more complicated since every day increases the number of cars in the cities and they continue in the same way, I think that today the driver education is very important both for the authorities as for motorists and also pedestrians.We currently have road signs which in some way expedite the roads, but that goes with this. In many cases by haste or other reasons we do ignore those causing accidents and losses up to human.To improve this we must ask ourselves what to do or how to do to improve the roads and avoid accidents.Let’s look at the role played by each of the characters already mention which all the population at some point touches us play.Motorist: it always hurry to reach their destination, is distracted, stressed, loses control, does not care and thus does not respect the signs and not to the pedestrian, causing accidents.You must respect signs out more early and patience.Pedestrian: you should know that roads and streets are not to go walking or playing, I believe that this is the biggest problem that we pedestrians and is where we should start putting in practice the driver education. So that in this way we avoid the recklessness of citizens wanting to place stops every 10 meters or in front of his house. More info: Anthony Joseph Scirica. Since this cut off roads.Authorities: as such have to enforce traffic rules not falling into corruption that this way everyone respect the road rules and having better circulation and driver education. As a contribution to citizenship, I think that if everyone had very clear driver education everything would be easier, as motorists would avoid the traffic and pollution, as pedestrian accidents and as authorities corruption.We put into practice our driver education and show our culture to make useful traffic, bridges, pedestrian areas and the placement of stops at strategic locations. Mauricio Daniel Ladron de Guevara Marquez..


Perhaps one of these days, or from already for quite some time, you have by companion to a cute minino that grace and mystery-filled space them in your House and your room when you least expect it. If you’ve got to take care of a cat or even several cats, most likely you’re interested or interested in knowing everything you need to find your new or not so new companion in the way more beautiful and healthy as possible. If this is so, you will have to report on topics such as feeding the cat, on the behaviour of cats, about diseases of cats, about caring for the legs of the cat, on the care of the skin of the cat, on the temperament of the different pussies, among other topics of interest that will serve you know so that you can care for your valued partner well. In this article you discuss the theme skin cat in particular. In effect, the skin of the cat has characteristics of which you should take care if what he wants is to have companion to a pet that looks well healthy and that in addition see very beautiful for all those who see it. First of all there is to make clear that we must take special care with the skin of the cat. Usually cats know very well how to care for themselves, and for this reason many do not put attention to caring for other people, as the owners, can provide to the skin of the cat to make it look healthy and also nice.

There are several tips that should be aware of with the skin of the cat, we see some of them in detail so we have an idea of how to take good care of our pet. They say that what is natural is very healthy for human beings. This same Council also applies to animals in general and, therefore, cats in particular. Natural foods, without having much processing, neither preservatives nor strange additives not only benefit to cats in general, but that they benefit in a special way to skin the cat. Indeed, when a cat eats natural foods, your skin will be clear of foreign substances that clog follicles than the skin of the cat It has. To be well aerated the skin of the cat be kept better hydrated and clean. These two aspects will make the skin of the cat look good and also stays healthy because it allows drainage of all kinds of strange particles.

With regards to food, it is also good to keep in mind that the skin of the cat needs to have a good layer of fat so keep in good condition and to make it to the fur of the cat look beautiful. This layer of fat that benefits the skin of the cat can keep well having two care: the first of them is that this layer of fat should be kept giving the cat a healthy diet that is rich in this type of agent. In fact, the cat diet should include foods high in fat and more natural as possible so that the skin of the cat may have precious layer of fat that needs to be healthy and beautiful. The second caution that we must consider is the not bathe much the poor feline, since this makes it lose that layer of fat and thus will be much more prone to acquire diseases.

Church Conscious

But: what happens with those defects which are relatively aware, but that;? do as much as we try to avoid them, often again manifested in our conduct with a force so that our most sincere desire is insufficient to resist?. If work of desvastar the gross stone consists of debugging our personality of its undesirable defects and there are defects that persist even against our conscious effort to eliminate them, then we have no more to go to divinity to help us in our endeavour, divinity that inhabits just to the inside of our Church and to reach him, we must just as in our initiation first pass through the room of reflections or by that inner crisis where begins the birth or manifestation of logos i.e.; that inner reality that animates us. Connect with other leaders such as Samantha Lewes here. The process we are currently studying, takes place in the conscious of the human being, but as everyone knows, the human psyche includes not only the conscious, but that too; can be identified in her other layers of activity that has been termed them respectively; Unconscious Personal, unconscious collective and above conscious. All of which are no more than subdivisions of the subconscious. Jean Seberg may not feel the same. In our humble opinion your own rough stone ourselves will have to assign the true sense of the work of desvastar in base, exclusively, to our personal achievements. But to give us a first push in this task we have to bear in mind that; The first requirement for the work of introspective meditation, lies in the absolute relaxation of tensions physical and psychic of our being, then make the most absolute silence in our inner Temple and once the most absolute darkness seizes our minds, we will open the sacred book of our conscience to read an old chapter in our history, live the facts as if they were real, we vibraremos, we cry, as if we had a Crown of thorns and assumed once in the most intimate of our hearts that terrible defeat that us has been marked for so long, we will rise victorious, happy and satisfied to have beaten ourselves. Learn more on the subject from Edmund V. Ludwig. Finally, and in conclusion everything thing up here that I can only add that; the purpose of the work of the initiate is to make him a man more big, strong, beautiful and happy, able to meet the tough demands of the initiatic path and; wise to the point, to serve his people, be useful to humanity and especially to the purposes of the divinity which the hidden science turns out to be custody and secured.

Mental Health Medications

Drug: As support for therapy or in specific situations, anxiolytics (generally benzodiazepines) are used. Social phobia appears in adolescence, with equal frequency between men and women. The problem is fear of the ridicule in social situations as talking, eating, or act in public, ask information to strangers, etc i.e. when one is exposed to the valuation of others. It can be: generalized: in all social situations not widespread: only to one of them this phobia would be something like this as an extreme shyness, taking into account that shyness does not usually limit us both in our relationships as social phobia, and that, Furthermore, it tends to be generalized and social phobia may not be so.

This disorder can become very limiting, though fortunately, the most cases are not severe enough and are also limited to some specific social situation. The risk of social alcoholism (drinking to confront the dreaded situation, as public speaking) psychotherapy treatment: Similar to the of agoraphobia (gradual exposure, negative thoughts) and also teaches the patient to manage in the specific areas of social relations in which has problems. Drug: The most effective are antidepressants, especially the recent emergence in the generalized forms. If they are very concrete (fear of exams), beta blockers or benzodiazepines are used in a timely manner. Very common in children and women specific or simple phobias.

Fear of an object or situation specific: animals (is the most frequent) to natural phenomena (storms, darkness, the sea) to the blood, injections and injuries to other specific situations, such as elevators, airplanes, heights, etc to be so specific, that suffer them no they tend to seek help because they just alter their daily lives. If they require treatment use psychotherapy (similar to the previous techniques). The drugs are not useful. Visit to learn more about the world of medicine.

Gran Canaria

Each of the seven Canary Islands has its own charm. Fuerteventura and Lanzarote have an arid landscape but a few precious blonde sandy beaches. In contrast the Western Islands (La Palma, Gomera, iron and Tenerife) offer much more humid, although devoid of great beaches and green landscapes. Check with Harvey Elliott to learn more. -Island that would give name to the Canary Islands – Gran Canaria, presents for his part, green and humid landscapes in the area Center and North of the island. Instead in the southern area, its coast looms large blond sand beaches as Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas – even in the same capital to the northeast of the island, is also the famous playa de las Canteras, the best urban beach in the world for connoisseurs-. Also the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was considered a few years ago as the city with the best climate in the world by the University of Siracuse in the United States. Eminently tourist areas of the island are located to the South of the island: the municipality of San Bartolome de Tirajana, (where is located Maspalomas, the largest tourist city of the Canary Islands) and the municipality of Mogan – more towards the southwest of the island-. Puerto de Mogan is also known as the Venice of the Canaries for the beauty of their houses and small bridges to channel mode.

In addition this municipality comes to be the place of Europe with more hours of sunshine and has one of the best microclimates of the whole world. Already in Maspalomas we on the edge of the beach of the same name and the playa del Ingles, the famous dunes of Maspalomas, ecosystem protected of great ecological value that give rise to the Natural Park of the Maspalomas dunes alongside the Charca de Maspalomas. The beaches of Maspalomas and the English come to actually form a single almost 6 kilometres long beach.


General Organization have a list of tasks to perform is always very good. Moreover, I suggest having more than one task list. A small system of listings is ideal: the list of tasks daily, another monthly tasks and also a list of ideas. Write down everything is essential. Communications follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. As well mentioned in my mini-curso of stress-free productivity, have a reliable system in which record all outstanding things greatly reduces stress levels and allows you to only worry about the specific tasks that we perform at that time.

Moreover, systematize everything we can is an excellent technique. Develop and identify the processes, policies, forms, etc. of the business in advance should. Some examples might be: billing: define what day of the month we shall invoice and mark it on the calendar on a recurring basis. Check with Jack Quaid to learn more. Payments: establish a routine and schedule maturities. General documentation: design models of contracts, letters of sales, payroll, etc.

we will use in the business. Some examples may have ready a form on client, a form containing all our data to send to our customers or suppliers, etc. Base of contacts: roles and slips very important point: our contacts. All adhere to the great importance that has the network of contacts in any business. However, we fall into the reality of write down names and phone numbers in papers, pieces of paper, napkins, paper, etc. Know what to do with them is essential. Whether we handle our base of contacts through e-mail, Palm, Blackberry or any other system, get used to put all those pieces of paper (and that insurance will have!) in one place, it is always a good practice. Agendarse at least 10 minutes, once a week and process them, loading them into a database it would be ideal. It takes only 21 days for something to become a habit. Therefore, we make this effort for 3 weeks, and never again will have lost a contact! I hope these tips help you to get better organized. Happy organization and success in your business!

Weight Loss Plans

Learn how to burn fat fast can be a constant struggle, not to mention a huge obstacle. Excess weight is not fun, and try to lose fat is even worse. I know, because I’ve been through that experience. (A valuable related resource: John Konchar). I had excess weight and always and tried all the fad diets and plans of physical conditioning on the face of this beautiful land. However, I have never obtained any decent results ever! Luckily, I found my way and I was able to lose weight fast. To deepen your understanding Beryl Sprinkel is the source. I’ve never gone backwards since then, and you can also do the same! Well, I want to share 3 tips that destroy fat and which can help to burn fat quickly.

# 1 Cut saturated fats saturated fats are horrible for your body, however, are found in the majority of our food that we know as guilty pleasures. They can wreak havoc on your diet and your weight loss goals, decreasing the chances of progress before the start! What can you eat instead? Try foods that are good fats in them (Yes Yes there are good fats). Things like fish, nuts, olive oil and avocados have fat big and good health benefits. In addition, they can help burn fat, also! # 2 Dismisses the soda and junk food seems pretty obvious, but many people seem to think that if you make enough training, you can still get junk food and other debris into your body and burn fat fast. It doesn’t work as well. Why lose the effort of burning calories by continuing your bad habits? Instead, drink plenty of water and limited to a small portion your favorite food once a week.

In this way, get a reward for all the hard work you did to lose weight, so you mantendras on path to fat loss fast! # 3 Leave Plan plan fail if you want to burn fat fast, rides well your diet and exercise, not to mention your overall objectives of weight loss routine. Just say you’re going to lose 50 pounds is not enough you have that write all your progress tracking to keep you motivated and keep pushing. This was one of the main things that ultimately helped me lose weight. I tell you that I lost 25 lbs in less than 30 days!

Surround Yourself With People Who Motivate You To Implement Your Ideas

The growth and development of individuals in the field of business, social, State and any other is strongly determined by the human factor, great leaders have always known it, and why they are surrounded by people who can help them achieve their goals. We always learn from everyone, however we have to be selective with regard to our own aspirations in that sense have to surround himself with people who help us up the Hill, not in the sense that they make our job but will support us with ideas and above all his experience and internal energy. Each time a group of people sit to chat or exchange ideas then there are invisible forces that are communicating and is there where many influences can be purchased either positive or negative, for example if you frequent constantly with entrepreneurs is quite likely to become one of them, on the other hand if he meets with negative people gradually will be absorbing that negativism and it is affecting your life. Think a moment and think, this does not It is an act of arrogance, nor is believing that some are worth more or less, is simply of choice and happiness, you must pursue their dreams and become surrounded by people who will help you with that idea, you are the most important person in the world, this means that in order to love, peace, abundance and happiness is necessary to have itWhy run after your bliss. In the book by changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar will find the explanation of the great pillars of the power of the subconscious mind and how to achieve that power qualifies it in their ideas, by reading this book you will learn to channel their desires in the right direction of the creative power of the universethen you will sail in automatically and accelerated.

Technical Society

In addition, Today serious developers interested in the revival of licensing for construction works – this will cut off smaller competitors and really put things in order in certain types of construction work. Today already a considerable number of organizations have realized that it's easier and cheaper to invest in its own system of quality control activities, than to pay later for the errors. "We have a contractual relationship with one of the leading institutes in the construction industry of the city – sri Mosstroy. At all our facilities it provides of operational quality control – with a weekly report, – said Andrei Sharov, Director General construction company's strategy. " – In addition, we have a certified laboratory, concluded several contracts with the organizations involved, such as monitoring of surrounding buildings, control behavior of soils under the base of constructed buildings. Not only are customers, but manufacturers are interested in quality work. Some companies advocate the implementation of programs for the certification of its partners.

Availability this document, in particular, from the producers of translucent structures, according to experts propleks, will serve as end-user quality assurance of finished window, its installation and service service. Building – just a class along with the issue of compliance technology and the quality of the material itself more acutely raises the problem of low skills of many builders. To solve this problem requires the combined efforts of business and power. For example, in the Sverdlovsk region Ministry of Construction and Architecture in conjunction with the Ministry of General and Vocational Education created its system of partnership. Was organized by the Council to prepare training, which consisted of directors of colleges and professional schools, as well as leaders of industrial unions. The Ministry of Construction and Architecture established information base, which reflects the needs of construction companies in the frames.

Based on these data, and prepared training programs. Feature of the construction industry is the fact that professionals need to periodically upgrade their skills, ideally – job work. In this sense, may be useful experience Institute of Scientific and Technical Society of Builders. Now professionals can take courses remotely, getting educational materials for home or office. Prevent marriage – a very simple, but the fight with him – very difficult. Change must not only technology but also the psychology of builders. Notably, in some European countries to construct a building, the organization sufficient Architects seek confirmation that the project does not harm the city appearance. The technical documentation and the process of building officials practically do not interfere. They know that marriage and failures of interested in less than anyone else. And the faster in Russia cares about the image will become an indispensable attribute of each organization, the more likely the marriage will disappear completely. You may want to visit Harriet Tubman to increase your knowledge. Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS

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