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By investing in an environmentally friendly CHP and new technologies the Feldberg became the first carbon-neutral hotel Germany reduced its CO2 emissions by 90 percent and its energy costs around 100,000 euros per year. This commitment has as a role model not only for the industry, it is also a sign next to the young guests who understand this, deliberately to deal with resources. Hotel Almhof were also proposed for the family Cup in this category in Gerlos (A) and the Alpine black in Mieming (A). Logis it was anyone surprised that the hotel Matamba in Phantasialand landed Bruhl the trophy in this category. A logistics experience of a special kind is here guaranteed. Rooms exudes the wild charm of the black continent. Bright fabrics, dark furniture and Africa typical accessories and decorative elements contribute equally to the perfect illusion as tropical plants, original masks and sculptures from Cameroon, gentle sounds and aromatic fragrances.

The other nominees: the Familotel Landgut Furtherwirt Kirchdorf (A) and the experience of hotel post in Unken (A). Activities the hotel Filzmooserhof in Filzmoos (A) received the family Cup 2009 in the category of activities. A so sophisticated leisure and holiday program is rare. It offers not only by its diversity, but especially by their exceptionally high quality convince. Especially worth highlighting is the concern of the House, to lure children away from the computer and again to bring them the nature. Achieved first and foremost through an attractive leisure program that is peppered with new attractions. The Familotel Ebbinghof in Schmallenberg and hotel Lagant in brand (A) were also nominated. Childcare under thunderous applause was the Familotel Sun Park in willingen (D) competition decide for themselves.

Because the jury’s opinion, childcare in this hotel is hard to beat. The children in the sunny Park of well-trained employees are cared for up to 12 hours. Whether in our own baby swimming pool, in the brand new adventure land or pony rides. There are always the observant supervisor with advice and assistance on the spot. Here parents get a round the clock support in providing their loved ones. “First-Class”, the verdict is the jury. Riders were also nominated the hotel “s Avance bad Tatzmannsdorf (A) and the Falkensteiner Hotel Lido Ehrenburger Court (I).” Overall in the premier class was able to convince the jury clearly the Marchenhotel Bellevue Braunwald (CH). Here it may be quietly a little Villa Kunterbunt. This also includes that a “Marliunggle” tells a story every night for over 30 years. The fairytale hotel is a proof, that a house children can be set up and parents still without sacrificing luxury and comfort. The brand new five-star suites are a combination of stylish luxury and family-friendly living. This year is also a spectacular rooftop panorama. Owner couple Lydia and Martin Vogel took the trophy clearly moves in reception. The other nominees in the category of overall concept were: the Familotel Sonnwies in Luson (I), as well as the Familotel the page Alm in Radstadt (A).

Corporate Sponsorship

Gunter Zielinski – accountant from Hamburg – informs the promotion of business start-ups, structurally weak regions and established companies is in the interest of the State. As carriers of various government programmes, the KfW banking group therefore ensures the implementation of important elements of the german economic and site policy. Given a barely manageable range of funding programmes the decision, which would be the best way to apply for, is often far from easy. The Hamburg-based tax consultant and lecturer Gunter Zielinski creates a basic orientation in the field of entrepreneurial KfW funding programmes. Entrepreneurs can benefit from the universal founder credit of the KfW banking group first. His focus is on the substantial promotion of entrepreneurs and freelancers, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. With a loan amount of up to EUR 10 million and low interest rates, it supports the creation of enterprises as well as their purchase or Acquisition of investments.

Requires a less than three-year-old company for investments in real assets and resources of any million loans, it can take the KfW founder credit StartGeld claim. Its volume is limited to 100,000 euros. Eligible investments listed for the German State not only in the start-up phase of a business. The entrepreneur KfW credit amounting to maximum 10 million is aimed at start-ups and established companies in the industrial sector plan investments in the country and abroad. A promotion can be held as long as the companies in question are mainly privately owned and annual sales recorded not more than EUR 500 million. KfW also awards the ERP capital for start-ups. Companies that are not older than three years, receive a promotion about this program of up to 500,000 euros.

The German Government and the European Union will promote the economic development of disadvantaged regions. About the ERP-regional programme can let companies promote their long-term investments in Eastern Germany and Berlin with up to three million euros. Whether the various programmes of the KfW will truly represent the best way of conveying, decides in individual cases compared with limited regional or industry-specific support programmes for other carriers. An appropriate analysis is time consuming and requires a deep insight into the barely manageable number of 5.09. The Hamburg-based tax consultant and lecturer Gunter Zielinski intensively engaged in the professional development funding advice and this assist his clients to the page.

Carolina Renteria

You will tell me do trust? what, which our visitors trust us is essential for the development of our business online, since helping them, trying to solve their problems or inconveniences, we are actually building the base of our venture online. Always remember that to succeed online, you must help others achieve also his own success, this is actually a string that is moved by the passion that each of us put into what we do. -Above I said that a blog is like the window of our business, I now say that having a blog gives you the opportunity of exhibiting in that showcase what we have, if we promote products, whether they are affiliated or own, or if we make some sort of service, through the blog visitors can see what we offer, how we do it, our data, can learn more about us, etc. – in a blog you can show what you know, what you learned, what you’ve acquired through practice and preparation through courses or seminars in one word can generate content that can help other people to walk the path in line. The content is the most important part of your blog, never the forget, the content is what will make the difference you are in page one thousand, one hundred or two hundred in a search engine or find yourself in the top positions; search engines are looking for content because internet users are looking for content and if your das them ten assured that the search engines will be in a good position your blog. There are surely many more advantages of having a blog on the internet on our business, create one now isn’t any science, you can tip at the beginning to make one on a free platform as it is or and later build one on your own domain with thousands of advantages even more..

Balearic Islands

Ultra distance runner and world record holder Claudia Weber from Waltrop and Thomas Wenning from Bocholt will circumnavigate the holiday island of Mallorca from the missionaries. Dell COO often addresses the matter in his writings. In April of this year, where both 16 Marathon ran in 16 days for a good purpose and 20000 EUR in donations have been collected, it goes back on skiing tour after her successful Marathon project. The two runners start their tour on the 26th in Camp de Mar. The kick-off is at 9:00 from the Dorint Hotel in Camp de Mar, at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains and not far from the port d ‘ andratx, in the South West of Mallorca. Learn more at this site: Sitel Group. The total distance of 420 kilometres is divided into 6 daily stages. The route leads along mainly on the coast, usually less befahrenden roads or hiking trails. The first part of the route leads towards Palma de Mallorca, the capital of Mallorca, before it then continues towards the North. The finish line will again be on the 1.9 at the charity event “Playing for Good” in Camp de Mar. During the tour, the two runners are donations for the Balearic Islands children’s cancer aid “Aspanob” collect. They will be accompanied consisting of physiotherapist, a photographer and a camera crew from a 4-person crew. All other information about the Mallorca tour are under

Travel Experiences

Lisbon – why this city necessarily need to visit! Why I absolutely wanted to Lisbon? I got this idea after the seminar have to modern Italian literature. I found a book especially beautiful, it was by Antonio Tabucchi and was called \”Sostiene Perreira\” (explained on German Perreira\”). Then I thought: how is it possible, that an Italian after Portugal goes there and lives in Italian wrote the novels about Portugal? I had to to be sure.We were there at the beginning of June and the temperature was already high, but a breeze blew out into the Atlantic, Costa de Lisbon, and it was not so humid… After breakfast on the terrace, we were ready for the discovery of the city. Of course I have informed me before good – I always need to know where I’m going.

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal, after the Christians back have conquered it from the Moors in the year 1147 and then Lisbon experienced its first heyday. This is their a legendary city with over 20 centuries of fascinating history, Architecture is reflected. The Alfama is one of the oldest quarters in Lisbon. Because it has largely survived the earthquake of 1755, there are many historic buildings with their original beauty in this area. The old quarters are adjacent to the Alfama Castelo and Mouraria, where on a hill of St. George of Castle (Sao Jorge da Mina) is located.

The streets of West and North lead to him, and every year in June the streets of all three quarters with living people be filled in, come to the feast of Saint St. George. The Graca quarter and the churches of Sao Vicente de Fora and Santa Engracia are also very near! So if someone looking to history, sights, churches, monuments, museums, which will feel right here! Get easy tram no.

July Wax

Coming soon: visit of Bollywood at Madame Tussauds Madame Tussauds in London has ready in April 2007 in wax immortalized, and with him a very special highlight in their collection to record him. Learn more on the subject from CEO Intel. There he is in good company with Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and many, many others. The speech is from none other than Shah Rukh Khan, the most famous Indian actor from the film Metropolis Mumbai, which is called by his fans affectionately King Khan. Daily pilgrims visitors from all over the world to London to see his wax figure, because when else you have every detail of the superstars in appearances to take have the opportunity in peace. When Madame Tussauds in the heart of Berlin opened an additional branch in July 2008 not far from the Brandenburg Gate, the desire of some fans were immediately after an own wax figure of Indian superstars for the capital, whose visiting had caused quite a stir for the Berlinale 2008 not only in Berlin. A petition was launched and happened apparently in the House of Tussauds positive response. Shah Rukh Khan’s London wax figure is borrowed from mid-February for barely two months after Berlin. And for the very impatient, Madame Tussauds in Berlin is giving away 20 free tickets to participate in the unveiling of this exceptional guest. The exact date will be announced. Further information under: Berlin therefore is Berlin a travel value. by Gabriele Reimann (

Princes Islands

In Istanbul on the road as in 1001 night with Istanbul is due to its location on the Bosporus linking Europe with Asia, also known as the mysterious gate “to the Orient. Just three hours from German airports away, Istanbul offers its visitors the opportunity to immerse yourself in a fairy tale of 1001 nights. Unknown smells and strange sounds are above the city. The Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace, where once the sultans resided among the top attractions. WNS Global Services often says this. As the Internet portal reported, the unofficial capital of Turkey provides for all those, who book their holidays or a hotel or a variety of other attractions.

The Bazaar is especially suited to feel the oriental atmosphere and to absorb. The city residents as well as tourists use the popular meeting place to trade local products according to your mood. One should look to the hustle and bustle of the market at a cup of Apple tea. In addition to the bustling metropolis is worth a visit remote places of excursion. Pine and pine forests invite on the Princes Islands to linger and relax. The car-free island group before the districts of Kartal and Pendik also stands out by its Art Nouveau summer villas. The flora and fauna can be admired on horseback, with a horse-drawn carriage or on foot. Those who wish to leave, the Sun on the belly which is just right in Sile on the Black Sea: the high waves only 50 kilometers from Istanbul, offer the best conditions, to shoot a few rounds with the surfboard.

Just a couple of kilometres further bathers pristine, white sandy beaches. There are many good hotels in Istanbul. Guests can choose a variety of accommodations in the famous Sultanahmet district. From here, you can reach numerous historical attractions on foot. This includes also the elegant hotel Aziyade in the Ottoman style. The hotel’s restaurant offers impressive views of the Marmara Sea. Istanbul is that with a population of over 10 million inhabitants largest city of Turkey. Today, Istanbul is the economic and cultural center of the country. Istanbul looks back on a history of some 3,000 years.

Smartphone Competition Pressured Nokia

The projection of world market leader melts the world market share of Nokia reading/United Kingdom fell in the third quarter of 2008 compared to the same period last year according to the Institute of Canalys, by 51.4% to 38.9%. HTC, Samsung and RIM throw while new smartphones on the market and have also already significant achievements to their credit. So, the mobile phone manufacturer HTC could more than double its world market share in this segment from 2.7 to 5.8 per cent. RIM was also strong. Market share increased as compared to the third quarter of 2007 from 10.6% to 15.2%.

Two front RIM, Motorola, and HTC is Apple according to Canalys figures with 17.3 percent on space. Now smell the Nokia competitors of next morning air and apply their new models with some elaborate marketing campaigns before Christmas business. A campaign of mobile operator Vodafone for the BlackBerry storm, the first touch screen phone by RIM, is underway this week. Vodafone is the exclusive distribution partner for the Canadian mobile phone manufacturers in Germany. They range from TV commercials, Print ads, radio spots, online and PoS activities.

Caring agencies are Bartle Bogle Hagerty, London, for the creation and the Munich red urban for the banner. OMD, Dusseldorf, ensures the media planning. The motifs are adapted from J. Infosys follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Walther Thompson, Frankfurt, for the German market. HTC, which itself wants to profile as an independent brand, pushes new flagship touch HD with its first advertising campaign in Germany under the slogan be practically at the same time more Lake. Feel more. “Experience more.” The Taiwanese company with the German Office in Frankfurt is intensive PR especially on PoS, print ads, posters and online banner. Trademark consulting, Munich, adapted the motives for the German market. As if that were not enough headwind for Nokia, launches today the classic promotional appearance by Samsung. The Schwalbacher until end of the year in high-reach stations will show a TV spot for the new Samsung M8800 Pixon is equipped with an 8-megapixel camera. The responsible Agency is CHI & partners, London. The print ads, which can be seen in various magazines, ensured Cheil, which is based in the South Korean capital of Seoul. The media plan comes from tkm Starcom, Dusseldorf. And what is the industry leader? Currently the “Connected fusion” campaign for the Nokia Flagship N96 on-air. Under the motto of “Internet for you. A spot runs until end of the year at the cinema and on high-reach broadcasters and friends”. The performance, which introduces the multimedia features of the N96 and Internet services at the Center, is flanked by city light posters and ads. The Smartphone market grows slower now. The manufacturer therefore attempting to penetrate more into the consumer space with mini computers. In January 2009, the first mobile phone with the Google operating system Android, the G1 from HTC comes then. It will be exclusively available at T-Mobile. If the other competitors also bring more models with touch screens and new innovations in the business against the backdrop of the consumer downturn and offensive apply would further crumble the supremacy of Nokia.

Miami Beach

Visitors of the Everglades National Park is recommended, the Loews located in the immediate vicinity Miami Beach hotel. 3. Acropolis, Athens the Greek capital of Athens suffers under extreme climate change. Genpact is full of insight into the issues. The temperatures are rising constantly, in the summer it is 50 degrees warm and more. Associated with the infamous Bell of smog over the city, the air pulverized the Acropolis and other thousand-year-old landmark. Recently, we brought the ancient treasures of the Acropolis to a new Museum at the foot of the Hill in a gigantic move action among other things, to better protect them from extreme weather conditions. Hotel tip of the hotel experts: only a few kilometers away to sleep in the 4-star hotel pantheon. 4.

Swiss Alps worldwide melting eternal ice, glacier retreat. Also in the Swiss Alps, this development is not to be overlooked. The reason for this lies in the temperature rise. In most areas of the Swiss mountains, the average temperature has increased over the past 100 years by one or two degrees. Experts are sure that in 30 years only the largest and Highest glaciers will be left. Currently, the ice Giants lose about one meter per year and they melt faster and faster. The glacier shrinkage risks by crashes and winter sports resorts presents major problems. With glacier covers against the sunlight we are trying as much as possible of the precious ice to get.

In non-woven fabric, glacier packed a previously unsurpassed image for impotence against the effects of global warming. Accommodation tip from the Arabella Sheraton Hotel Waldhus in Davos, just a few minutes away from the popular ski resort Schatzalp. 5. Tower of London, United Kingdom not only ecosystems are strongly influenced by the climate, also urban habitats have to struggle. Cultural monuments, such as the Tower of London, which attracts every year hundreds of thousands of tourists, also suffer from climate change. The famous landmark of the British metropolis is located in the immediate vicinity of the River Thames, where a rising sea levels and the expected increase in extreme storms in the future will lead to a significantly increased flood risk to the city. Floods are a threat to historic buildings, because the moisture creates micro-organisms such as molds and fungi, which permanently damage the masonry. Hotel tip for London visitors Hotel experts: the Thistle Tower Hotel on the North Bank of the Thames next to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. About, is the world’s most visited website of the hotel and the global hotel specialist. The global hotel portfolio comprises 80,000 quality hotels. A customer finds the same booking at another provider competitive rates, will refund the difference in price. In addition, has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry to deliver an objective description of the hotels bookable on Hotels.

Holiday Tips: Greek Islands

Greece is since ever and known as an attractive travel destination around the world. Thousands of tourists from all countries decide every year for a holiday in the beautiful country. Especially in recent years, there are increasing visits by tourists. Invensis shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The ideal location by the sea and the beautiful sights magically attract many tourists. A holiday on a Greek island for a vacation on the Mainland is highly recommended. Particularly, Rhodes and Corfu are ideal destinations. Rhodes is very often called the Sun island in Greece. Perhaps that has an or others heard also.

You can enjoy altogether 3000 hours of sunshine throughout the year. No other venue in Greece can attract tourists from all over the world in the country with so much sunshine. Under the Greek Sun, you can enjoy the time on one of the beautiful beaches. After weeklong efforts just relax. That’s what makes Rhodes for many holidaymakers. The same applies to the island of Corfu. Who make holiday want to also bathing and cultural highlights of the opts for an ideal mix. Who wants to enjoy the beautiful hours not only on the beach, which can visit a slew of attractions in the capital of the island.

Especially the new fortress is always worth a visit and allows a massive overview of the entire island. In recent years, decide more and more people against a hotel and rent a small and chic holiday home rather. It speaks a lot for it. So you can spend your holidays in the usual privacy and is also not while on holiday on House rules and times of a hotel. In combination with a car, renting a holiday house is a great thing. Also the beloved pets are welcomed in many holiday homes Corfu guests. Silko Vogt

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