Windows Programmer

But then, as it had not happened, as in a joke: Caught Programmer goldfish, she says to him: – make a wish. – I want peace in the world! – No, it's hard. Get more background information with materials from Goop London, United Kingdom-uk. – Well, then let Windows works fine. – Hey, how about world peace? You can go to the Gift of humor. an internet resource. For example, one of the mandatory attributes of the programmer is a computer mouse. And that if to give him a live mouse? Which must be fed, which should take care to look, clean the cage? Mice – gregarious animals, they very sociable. Educate yourself with thoughts from CBS. Spend much time in joint play and care for one another, so it is desirable to acquire a minimum of two mice.

For them, your friend would be happy to watch, looking up from another computer play or rest, coming up with another masterpiece of software. And that, to observe animals programmers still love to be out of this anecdote: Returned once programmer home from work. Meet – the frog. and she tells him chelovecheksim voice: – Listen, I'm not a frog, a bewitched princess. If you kiss me, I raskolduyus you marry me and we shall live joyfully and happily. You have an incredibly lucky! The programmer raises frog, puts it in his pocket and walked on. A frog in your pocket jerks: – You do not understand! I have to kiss – I turn into a beautiful girl you marry me The programmer pulls the frog out of his pocket and explains: – You know, I programmer.

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