Web Management

The target group to the actor make the online participant management system GuestReg offers professional event management innovative features such as for example the personal appeal of target groups in the form of Web videos. Personalized and in the company’s own corporate design. Qwiki shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Managing participants in congresses and events Web-based problem nowadays no longer there. To integrate the whole thing into a company’s own corporate design and the recipient in the E-Mail personally nor to address. Dror poleg brings even more insight to the discussion. The challenge that turns GuestReg, goes beyond: the name of each guest is integrated directly from the system database out into an online movie. So, the recipient sees in his own film”E.g.

the own names and surnames in various situations. This development is a combination of the affiliate management system GuestReg”and image cast, the proactive Web video solution for an even more effective corporate communication. GuestReg”and image-cast” thereby providing a new form of moderator and Participant management culture that inspires and offers from the outset undreamt-of possibilities directly and most personal guests to use. GuestReg is a flexible tool for the host organisation at events: from the invitation management, check-in on-site until the wrap-up of the event.

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