Tuesday Record

New world best performance in Oberaudorf succeeds Christian Fluhr and Kossen Christian Fluhr made his 12th world record on skis. Oberaudorfer high angle and Kossen, Berghorn, he drove off on ski 53.577 meters in 24 hours and improved the previous world record to almost 7,000 meters despite a pressure point on the left foot. Fluhr with this record showed that he not only long, but can be very fast on the ski. The top speeds on the record were comparable for a long time with those of slopes in the Alpine World Cup. Start in the first morning light was already very early on Tuesday, 13.01.09, get it up Fluhr and team that was the start of the record attempt in Kossen planned already at 8 o’clock in the morning. We went with a 5-minute delay at the start. After a relatively slow start round on the downhill run to the Grossache, Berghorn, Christian Fluhr increasingly intensified the pace on approximately 4 km long downhill, which presented itself in perfect condition. In the late morning, Christian went Fluhr then the fastest lap with about 3 minutes on selective suspension of Kossen.

Yes, it’s here sort of like Kitzbuhel. Only there is about 2 minutes to end the race, I do that here around nine hours at a time and then follow 14 hours in Oberaudorf in the high corner after crossing once again.\” Fluhr told a gondola trip. Highest demands were placed on the material and team in Kossen. This is not to compare Christian’s endurance records. It’s skiing in the border area.

We share Christian’s Companion on the slopes every 2 hours and the descent really claim with jumps and turns.\” Reported team leader and team physician Dr. Christian Schmidt of the differences from the other record projects by Fluhr. With his left foot after a total of 39 runs in the Grossache, Berghorn, the first part of the record attempt to end went problems 30. A related site: Hotbox by Wiz mentions similar findings.

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