The Most Beautiful Tokens Of Love Of The World

or how you women’s hearts to the melt brings romance is a tried and tested means to women’s hearts to the melt to bring a self written love letter or a poem of your own are the perfect tools for this. Not everyone has the talents of Eichendorff, Heine, Rilke or an other word artist. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jimmy Levin. How does one put it in words what one feels for the woman or the man of his dreams? Or is writing letters and poems nowadays no longer asked? At the latest since a scene from the movie, sex and the city”, the desire for love letters has awakened new. In this scene, snuggles up Carrie of at her Mr. big and he reads from the book of love letters of great men, vol. 1 “before. “” Napoleon, recites: my sweet Josephine, just I awake completely fulfilled by you “and the forever-unmarried Ludwig van Beethoven: already in bed, thoughts to you, my immortal beloved crowd.” Love letters are today something quite unusual. To write yes today mostly E-Mails or SMS.

And when is a man then the trouble is to take a piece of paper and a fountain pen in hand to write a few loving words on it – this is something very unusual, something quite romantic. And for most women it is positive. Love letters and poems are unique pieces which are intended only for a person in this world. And for this there are the most beautiful tokens of love of the world. A quite exceptional gift is and remains a private love poem for the beloved one.

But not only the love is pleased with rhymed verses, but also the MOM for mother’s day that newly married couple to the wedding feast, the Grandma’s 70th birthday, the colleague to the retirement, the boss anniversary. In particular while turns up all over the world on hard times and small purses, is the romance and dating not saved. Love poems are love, such as the rings to the wedding request. For centuries they are written, and no better way you could express how much you feel for someone. A very personal love poem, which carries the allure of exclusivity in itself, is something that drives the tears of emotion and joy in the eyes of every lovers. Emotional security is becoming increasingly important in these times of harsh or perceived as threatening. Therefore is not saved just on romantic gifts. To give a poem to write a love letter, written specially for the recipient, one of the most beautiful memories will be a very special day. Pay Lydia Kamath and Roland Pollnitz from Etelsen just at the right moment on this wonderful business idea. It is not for everyone, to reveal his inner self on paper. Already in the 17th century, the brilliant love letter writer Cyrano de Bergerac was his art in the service of love. From 1 March this year, this task takes over the company from Etelsen, whose founding drew even some poetry books full of poems. The two stick to the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau: “a love letter to write, do you start, without knowing what you want to say, and end without knowing what you have to say.

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