The Matter

Thus, gradually, it will be perceiving different aspects from everything what it already knew in the physical life, since in the astral plane, desires and thoughts can be " materializados" taking form through the subtle matter from this astral world, and acquiring greater consistency whichever major has been " fuerza" or desire of " materializacin". The evolutionary process of the man at spiritual level, begins in the material life or physical, where the initial period of the incarnation, makes sink him in the matter, for later, through the elevation and evolution of its conscience, to come off itself the attachment to this matter gradually, until obtaining that this attachment by the matter remains along with the body at the time of the physical death. Once indifference by the material is obtained, the astral life will constitute the next stage where it will continue with the existence, through subtle body. In continuous the astral life the evolutionary process and indifference by the existing subtle matter in the astral world, that still it allows to visualize the physical objects, and " materialization visual" of desire and the thoughts. Thus it is arrived at a mental state, where the physical world no longer is the reference or the center of interest of the existence, and where the happiness of the individual, within this astral world, will depend on the assimilated concepts, as well as of the rules morals acquired through the physical existence. APPEARANCES AND INTERACTION WITH THE PHYSICAL PLANE But during this period or stage in the world or astral plane, I also spread has the possibility of interacting in the material or physical life of its loved beings, with the purpose of to provide certain protection or aid. Several anecdotes or examples exist in this respect, as it is the case of the famous Ghost film, but in order to illustrate this example, I will set out the history that was to me trusting, with regard to a humble family, in whom the mother finished passing away. .

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