The Market

What, in the end, all this leads, I think, as you should know … The only cure for this is loss money. Take in hand a match, light it and set himself the task: hold it lit as long as possible. I think no need to explain when the match ends and will burn your fingers. See more detailed opinions by reading what Joel and Ethan Coen offers on the topic.. Only after you burn, you again begin a sober assessment of their capabilities. A little distracted from our main topic, I want to add that if you and it does not help to get back to reality, then you need to understand the very simple truth: that the loss of money (in excess of the permitted strategy) – this is not bad, but a kind of indicator – indicator of the ability of your trading strategy, or, your psychological state.

Therefore, only losing money in the market, Trader again begins to soberly assess their capabilities. Well, got the loss was small. Visit Joel and Ethan Coen for more clarity on the issue. And the safest loss of those that are limited to a fixed stop (this is another advantage of using them to trade). But all The fact is that, no matter how cautious and conservative nor would be used Trader strategy, it is still not completely immune from error. Sooner or later, even the most disciplined trader can make a mistake, that the result can be fatal for all of his trading account. Then, what about this case? How then can work if the whole no one at any stage is not insured against loss of trade for deposit? Only solution to this problem is a strict rule: do not use all the profits to build up a trading account and, accordingly, do not spend it all on the necessities of life.

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