The Heart

Flower was happy, therefore it had some company to talk. happy Aurlio, therefore found that it had plus a pretty young to conquer. In contrast of the other girls of the city Flower it was not enchanted for it, it disdained the Maximum that can, more for respect its aunt Adelaide and for its education it did not treat it badly. It only made the question to leave moved away it. Flower already was being worries, therefore three days had been transferred and its aunt Adelaide did not have fond of its trip. To improve its mood to its they had taken it cousins to make a stroll for the city. In this stroll they had visited museums, they made purchases and they lunchhed in the restaurant most expensive of the city. In return pra house was surprise, therefore its aunt Adelaide already had come back of its stroll and with it she brought a youngster.

It called Antonio, was only one year older than Flower, pretty and gentile, wise person to treat well a woman very, these had been to the descriptions of Adelaide in relation it. He was orphan later whom its parents they had died in car accident, has three a few days ago. as Adelaide had a very good heart decided brings it to work in its farm. Who was not nothing happy with this decision was Aurlio, therefore it was dying of anger when Antonio and Flor had looked at themselves for some time. Badly wise person it who was being gotten passionate. In its head it was only one question of principles. Walking for the farm it found Antonio and when the two if had looked at its eyes had shone, the heart sped up, the hands had been sweated. But when it came close itself to compliment it, it left gone off, and finished stumbling, twisting the foot.

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