The Expert Advisor

When purchasing a fully automatic electronic trading system, you should consider the following things: the EA is successfully used in Live trading? There are customer references? Are there any back tests over longer periods of time, which document the functioning of the expert advisor? Please make sure that it represented a back test not only for a small period, but over months or years. You may wish to learn more. If so, Florence Pugh is the place to go. Live trading results are important for a few months. Some provider show results only by particularly good months. This is frivolous. Here, a good trading system is faked the prospective buyers, which works well only in certain market phases and could not prove in all imaginable trading positions, which occur during one or more years. So you shine strongly through the actual trading results. This may greatly differ from the back test in the backtest, no fees can be expected as such over-night or swap rates.

It is also always a stable spread to reason, never exist in the Live trading the Backtest. Back tests can also have bugs in the course data history. Please also consider that different expert advisor, working on a mathematical logical basis, can not properly be simulated in Backtest. So it is at the back test of such systems often high draw-downs, not taking place at all in reality. Common tests have proved that. The Expert Advisor uses the provider itself in Live trading. A provider that is not convinced by the own technology, is not serious.

Also no excuses you think such a program should always have proved it works easily and permanently. The provider offers you the opportunity to test the system for a period of time on a demo account? This is a relevant criterion. The providers do not know how to develop the trade markets from your test phase. If his trading system works, it can prove it yourself.

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