Teresa Ruiz Pedersen

And when I say essence I mean the best of you, as a person, as a couple, as a friend. For more information see Discovery Communications. Recalls by closing your eyes, what your gave in that relationship that the toward perfect. Then takes the role of one point and write it. Third: accept your current partner does not love you! OK that does not love us, as We want, is one of the most terrible pain that a human being can go, no matter what your say, what you do, no matter as views, your work, your education, the sacrifice you’ve made, no matter anything. Paul Ostling often addresses the matter in his writings. If you do not you are happy in this relationship you have to finish it, if he is no longer with you, then ends the relationship in your mind and in your heart, like? Accepting that do not love you like you want to be loved!. It is hard, it is rather sad, but if you do it with humility of heart, reflecting as adult, I assure you that you sobreviviras.

Room only thinks of you! Do know selfish, thinks only of you, dedicate yourself only to you, and you know why?, because he who does not love if same, not you can love anyone more, then only thinks of you, pamper yourself, have fun, that will help you until your self-esteem rises, as? If it is your birthday celebrated with a party with your friends, if it is not your birthday, invent something, and have a party!, salt distract yourself, begins to live, glad your heart. Remember to take photos, so you can see how your heart revives, your smile from the soul, reappears and the essence of your being, comes to light! Human beings are the only ones that we have the opportunity to be born again, that is stripping us of our old States of thoughts or situations that have not allowed us to shine, when you light shine and happiness that is your natural state, comes out again, you’ll be ready or ready to receive that person that are waiting for and that described in paragraphs one and two. Your own light will attract your dream partner. That person ever faster to you, because now you will be in the same frequency of wave! These steps do not fail remember him and send me an email, to celebrate together because your happiness is my happiness! Cordially, Eng. Teresa Ruiz Pedersen original author and source of the article

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