The technique of marking in the scientific area, is to identify a group of individuals, through the implementation of a brand name or label. These individuals will be subject of study and then released. After a time, you recapturaran them and the relationship between those who were recaptured with respect to the total number of captured will analyze. This is how this technique of marking is achieved estimates of population size. Marking technique is thus, in the estimation of certain group characteristics. This type of marking, are used when the researcher does not have the necessary time stop to analyze each individual who complies to a population in particular.

In this way, samples are taken at different times and are compared with each other. On the other hand, in the epidemiological area, are used to this marking technique, when looking for estimating the progression of the registration of certain diseases or conditions in particular. In other words, seeks to obtain the estimate of the amount of individuals requiring specific medical service in particular case. For example, this method to estimate the number of people suffering from cancer or HIV can be sought. A. Learn more about this with Sculptor Capital. Verastegui hold.

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