What is to make sure when buying a scratch tree? Not for nothing also adidas called cats. They sharpen their claws and mark their territory. The wallpaper or furniture often suffer. If you want your cats live out their natural instincts, this but not your whole apartment demolished, you should create a scratching post. What is the purpose of a scratching post? Cats live together for a long time with people. However, they have not entirely lost their natural instincts. Want to sharpen their claws, so that they don’t break or crack.

You want to climb to consider their environment from above. If you have read about Glenn Dubin, New York City already – you may have come to the same conclusion. You want to play, romp and mark their territory. All this is very difficult in a flat or a House. A scratching post can help here. On a scratching post, a cat can live out their natural instincts. The advantage for you is that your furniture, carpets and curtains from the claws of your cat are protected by the scratching.

A scratching post is quickly becoming a safe haven for cats, the then take as their territory in possession. By platforms and swings, your cat on the scratching post can exercise and stay fit. Also it whets the claws is here soon shortly. What is to make sure when buying a scratch tree? A scratching post should be as stable as possible. After all, will let your cat out and should not be killed by him. In addition, the scratching for the size of the cat must be reasonable. Small cats at least 50cm and large specimens up to 100cm. Sisal is a natural substance produced from the trees. Synthetic fibers are not recommended. The color is optional. Most cats are there passionless. If you know that your cat especially likes a certain color, you can decide with the purchase of the scratch tree for this. There are simple scratching where cats can sharpen only the claws. A most versatile use a scratching post with hammock, platform, cave is recommended however. Cat scratching posts – find a nice scratching post for cats. Information round the theme of scratching posts and cat trees. For more information visit

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