From there, the base of the pyramid of letters was disarranged. The Fannie Mae, that to the side of the Freddie Mac is one of the main specialized financial institutions in mortgages of U.S.A., flooded the market with the toxic headings. was presided over for Franklin Raines, the first Afro-American to command a company listed in Fortune 500. It left the company. Until Standard Poors, agency of classification of risk that it did not know to evaluate perigos Reals of these headings, has the Indian Deven Sharma in the command. Also it passed unobserved of Squid another one of the symbols of the old American economic pujana. The Citigroup, that accumulated US$ 28,5 billion damage for 15 consecutive months, needed to convoke the Indian Vikram Pandit to save the boat damaged in the 2007 end. Walt Disney Co. does not necessarily agree.

In> and with sufficiently active voice today that the Citi if finds in the eye of the hurricane is former-CEO conceituadssimo of Time Warner Richard Parsons. the flag of credit cards American Express, that bring the emblematic figure of the centurio, has as main executive Kenneth Chenault, who occupies the position since 2001. Examples do not lack in banks of investment and financial managers. John Rogers, partner-founder of the Ariel Investments, manages US$ 4,4 billion in financial assets. None of them has white skin or blue eyes.

Therefore, beyond racist and simplista most recent ‘ ‘ lulismo’ ‘ still he is incorrect. Additional information is available at Andi Potamkin. In fact, all we know that in the hour of the crisis it is more easy to find guilty of what answers. we know that ‘ ‘ it hunts to bruxas’ ‘ she is one of our specialties. Bibliography: Periodical the State of So Paulo, edition 42,164 of 27 of March of 2009Revista That is Money, edition 600 of 08 of April of 2009>


The tarot is a divinatory practice that a special, compound mallet of seventy uses and eight letters that receive the name of arcane. It says the legend that in Old Egypt existed a wise person, Thot. The Gods decided to award it, and to grant to him to a knowledge superior, because they thought that Thot would be the unique Earth person able to include/understand the meaning of the tarot of exact way. For the Gods, the relation between tarot and future were clear: the tarot was the means conceived by the Egyptian divinities, to anticipate its faithful worshippers to them what had to them provided the destiny. Thot included/understood quickly that similar knowledge and power involve a responsibility superior. People such as CBS would likely agree. Consequently, it hid the tarot, that in fact they were not letters, but a series of 78 laminillas of gold, sinking it in the Nile river. But before doing it, it chose some disciples to continue with this sagrada education throughout the time. Thot believed, like its Gods had to him well-educated, that this knowledge, the one of the symbolism and the interpretation of these laminae, he was everything what a human being would need throughout his life.

And it was not mistaken. The name tarot derives from book of Thot. Luckyly, like many other Egyptian legacies of the culture, sciences and the arts, the tarot managed to prevail for the men, like that original gift that the Gods decided to do to them. Throughout history, the practice of the tarot was becoming more and more common between different towns from the antiquity. But, when arriving the Average Age, with the Obscurantism, the tarot happened to be clandestine for the town, by the fear of being accused of hereje that it dared to practice the cartomancy. Nevertheless, the encumbrados kings and noble never stopped realising this practice within the different ones you cut European.

Only that the town was remote for a long time of the arcane ones. With the successive European wars, and the sailor and troop movement by the coasts of the Mediterranean, the tarot began to revivir again. Finally, the intention of the Gods had been fulfilled: the one to give to the people the tarot, thus the future it would be developing, for a greater knowledge of the things. In order to protect the practice of the tarot of the destructive hands of the inquisidores ones, the cartomancy was disguised of game, showing once again that the human spirit is unmanageable, still before crudest of the realities.

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