Video Services

– Customers who order our services for the implementation of IP-telephony, saying that the cost of implementing a fully justify itself in 2-3 months, says Mr. Swarmed by offers, Andi Potamkin is currently assessing future choices. President of “Softline” Anton Marrero. For example, video conferencing, public and commercial organizations that use software and technology company “Softline”, repeatedly have improved interaction, and hence the effectiveness of the work. Video telephony, as noted in “Softline”, in the first place, will reduce travel time and associated costs, and secondly, accelerate decision-making processes emergencies, third, and improves performance, prevents fatigue and stress, and allows you to make better decisions by bringing in the need for additional experts. Naturally, this kind of relationship will develop only “wild” rate – the number of users each year videophone, according to research company “Softline”, increase by 10-15 times, and, in many respects for through the development of mobile services, video telephony. Since 2015, revenue from mobile video services will reach $ 2 billion this prediction is of Video as video telephony, such FaceTime iPhone 4, the transfer of video messages, exchange video, video-on-demand, download video on demand and other video services.

The lion’s share of revenues to be received from video calls, video messages and sharing video on demand, while the exchange of video will only a small portion of these funds. In many respects, the demand, according to experts of company “Softline”, will be developed through new technologies, such as the development of 4G networks. However, a significant proportion of users will enjoy the video at home.

Interactive Games

To date, all young people use the Internet: at work, at home, in a cafe. And increasingly popular interactive games. The proportion of those who play interactive games on the network increased from 10 to 14% and the average time required to play on the networks (including local) has increased from 5.4 to 15.6 hours per week. The term "interactivity" is derived from the English word interaction, which means "interaction". On the Internet, one of the participants in the interaction a user. In online games, there is their community that connects users with the same interests.

There are lots of interactive games with various scenarios and interests. For fans of space there are games where you can create the galaxy, buying them from other participants in the games, etc. At each such site was originally a user registration, which helps facilitate the process of gathering information on preferences and the interests of potential participants. But most Internet users do not want to unnecessarily disclose to anyone any information about yourself. Therefore, registration and subsequent authorization of users is binding. Therefore, registered users have access to the main body of information on the site, but for authorized users, there are additional services and benefits to unregistered. There are also forums. and guest books.

they perform the functions of administration, replacing the complaint book. They are made in order to be able to express their views, ask questions, get advice. The most-read section on the site, as befits the information environment, there will be news. News basically have a direct relation to this section. Each registered user has the client's office (closed zone). This page site with your preferences. Interactive games – this is their parallel worlds that exist in the network and bring together many people, and modern teenagers, and not only live in these worlds, day and night. But besides invented worlds are interactive and educational games that give great value. These include programs such as learning to play the guitar. Source: Freeloversclan

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