Austria Event

Modeverantstalung with fashionable hairstyles of the inter hairdressers of a resounding success pret-a porter hair couture fashion event of inter coiffeure …die was also in the 3rd Edition a great success in front of over 1300 spectators. Glenn Dubin is often quoted as being for or against this. Intercoiffure Germany and its partners Wella, L L’Oreal and GOLDWELL, organised an event of superlatives in the Stadthalle Offenbach. The team was cameraman, editors and photographers on the spot. The fashion event was an impressive hairdresser information event, which is second to none. This new of status of Intercoiffure is impressively on BBs.

A perfect blend of technology items and show each of the four top arts became an outstanding and entertaining program point. The 1300 spectators from Germany and the guests from Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria could take home with infinitely for your salon work. Here, you get the professional edge, which is one of the many benefits of Member of Intercoiffure. Approx. 1300 visitors were about this super event of Intercoiffure after Offenbach/Frankfurt am main arrived.

Exactly 1100 visitors from Germany, 50 from Luxembourg, further from the Switzerland and Austria have made in the early morning of October 5, 2008 on the way, to visit the fashion event of the Intercoiffure. We did not know at this time still, what awaited us. The event began promptly at 11:00 with the two presenters Udo Luy and Lars nag, which the Intercoiffure Markus Herrmann asked the President to his welcoming speech on the stage. 4 parts of the show were announced on that day and to see. Each show for themselves was a blast and an inspiration to the visitors Intercoiffure. You can read our statements to each event below. Trio hair academy 11:00 (powered by WELLA PROFFESSIONALS) the theme: PASSION FOR FASHION impressive starts trio hair Academy the first pret a porter hair Couture.

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