Smile Conference

Consciously or not, most people behave differently, and they like it or not, they do not think. Workshop: conference room, capture territory Observe the behavior of people brought up, that is be brought neliderom … Thus, a conference room. Once inside, educated person slows: where to sit, it is unclear … People do not cast a glance and smile – the smile curve or not to smile: it is necessary to find an empty chair.

Of all the free he chairs the least suitable one on the front row and center, and the most appropriate – in the corner and back. I found a chair and sat – sat quietly, waiting. In the course of the meeting as a participant: to sit still only in its place, moving in his corner and communicates only with those who are usually on around him. In the course of the meetings as a speaker: what went on vystu-translational space, there is. Head is not spinning, not throwing arm, and the most indicative, categorically does not go into room to walk among the people, as they sometimes allow themselves to confident speakers. So? So nice: here's the territory for academic work. Thus, a conference room. Upon entering, you pass on and, being in the spotlight, all the Take a eyes and smile – everything. You might want to wave a hand to someone you know is – do it nicely! * If you knew no one – so what? So, nobody knows that you have no friends here, and you can behave here as if you are aware of at least half of those present.

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