Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis – curvature of the spine is caused by various reasons. Children may appear curvature of the spine from poor posture seating sedentary lifestyle, relaxation of muscular-ligamentous poliomyelitis. These strains are rare and their treatment is closely related to the treatment of the underlying disease. Along with this there is a more common and mild spinal deformity as an independent disease – dysplastic scoliosis. In this case, the distortion appears at the age of 5-6 years, regardless of external factors and progressing the whole period of human growth reaches high degrees of deformation with the formation of causes of scoliosis, it is necessary to emphasize that scoliosis – a disease caused by genetic, ie, develops as a result of breach of code of an organism. When the crash happens inherited chromosome excavations, scoliotic spinal curvature encountered in ancient times. Genes, programmers curvature, wander down from generation to generation. The pedigrees of many groups of patients with scoliosis, the researchers found a direct inheritance of the disease in 25% of patients.

But what about the rest? The second area where there scoliotic factor – a failure of normal chromosomal apparatus, the normal code for the period fetal development as a result of external influence. In this case, the fetus received a normal development of the code begins to build his body and at this time (the first six weeks of pregnancy), gets hit from the outside. In result of toxic exposures damaged ancestral chromosome that contains the code development, and construction of a new organism is on the perverse ways. Infants may appear different deformation of organs and tissues, including scoliosis. To harmful factors causing congenital malformations and deformations are penetrating radiation effects, chemical toxic substances entering the body with food and water from the air. This infectious disease during pregnancy, and receiving drugs, and vitamin deficiency.

This includes alcohol intoxication, cigarette smoking, drug addiction. This is confirmed by experimental the use of household products, smoking, vitamin deficiencies and other possible home environment often has a negative effect on the body, especially given the lack of vitamins. It should be noted that the negative exposure to harmful factors can occur not only during pregnancy but also before pregnancy, by acting on the maturing germ cells. In the cage at this time increases the metabolism and toxins from the blood enter the cell in large quantities, causing various disorders. Scoliosis as a feature of the disease in that it progresses the entire period of human growth. Increasing the angle of curvature is uneven in different years. If a child is growing distortion of 2-3 degrees per year, between hormonal changes (11 – 14 years), the arc of curvature is increased to 10-15 degrees for 1 year. This is taken into account when the medical complex. Buildup 20-40%. Therefore, the earlier treatment, the better the result. Experience has shown that the result depends on the parents, and the resolute skill in the management of the child's orthopedic treatment and long-term systematic treatment. Usually the treatment of children with spinal curvature is carried out using medical gymnastics, massage and physiotherapy. It is important to observe orthopedic treatment provides for unloading the spine. It also includes a sleep on a flat, inflexible bed rest day lying down. Contraindicated big jumps and weight lifting.

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