Ronaldo Oak

God desires to reveal in the way of its Church an extraordinary charismatic operation, however, is necessary to allow that the love the holy ghost all takes account of our being, so that let us can serve of blessing to our next by means of the Dons spirituals. To give in dons without being motivated by the love, you are welcome valley. Apstolo says: ' ' Despite I say to the languages of the men Dom of variety idiomatic languages = and of the angels type of celestial language, if he will not have love, I will be as bronze that sounds or as the symbol that jingles Thus is that one that speaks in languages without being motivated by the love. Despite I have dom of prophecy Profetize without loving next and know all the mysteries and all science dons of Revelation; inda that it has so great faith, the point to carry mounts Dom from the faith and Operations of miracles, if will not have love or if will not be motivated by the love nothing will be or I will not inside have utility for nothing of the Body, the Church (I Cor.13: 1,2). It notices that apstolo is saying that somebody that has Dons revealing in its life, but is not motivated by the true love, then, it does not serve for nothing in the Body of Christ. In other words, we can have optimum engine of Ford, but if in it will not have the oil to lubricate the gears, then we will not go for place none! To have Dons without having the love means not to have NOTHING! Pr. Ronaldo Oak

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