Recalling Feeling Despojandome

Suffering can be defined as pain that robs all meaning to life. Human beings are subject to a complex inner pain made up of feelings of fear, guilt, shame, regret, anger and hopelessness.It is an illusion to believe that we are immune to this kind of suffering. Provided that we live in a situation of aggression, violence and despair we were stunned in shock, stun begins to take steps to tears, one of the early stages of the penalty so that the only thing we can do is to seek safety at the most basic level. I am in the same place yours, but since different places then what I do is reflect on my experiences with suffering.Out of ourselves, let the ego, have human contact, closer, look for containment, feel our fear, assume it, adopt it and allow the release of little by little. You may wish to learn more. If so, Robert Iger is the place to go. Suffer our penalty together or alone as we choose.

Suffer it, experience it, live it.A second stage of suffering appear powerful emotions, appears after the stun, Shock and tears powerful, after having them idle for decades or years, reborn anger and sadness, a deep fear that begins to trigger the proximity to panic, born a powerful anxiety, feeling of anguish and its overt symptoms.The third stage of the suffering is born when we feel and we realize that we must act, is to heal or to get revenge, or to give a hand to someone else. Possibilities presented to us are varied. Depending on the chosen path, some choose to follow in the suffering, while others relieve it. For this reason, I propose paths that lead us to forgive when we feel like victims. It is difficult to express the inner suffering and one way or another, all, we do badly, only facilitates us express what appears to be anger and frustration.Once the acute stages of the penalty left behind, the feeling of pain becomes another more subtle level.

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