Prevention Instead Of Treatment

The litter may be responsible for the various conditions of horses! Did you know that the not one litter can lead to various diseases, such as colic, respiratory diseases or horn rot? Strong Switzung, tiredness, dullness, the horse look on his belly, chomping, lies down, sweeping up. Typical characteristics of the Koliks. It is unfortunately known by many and is first and foremost because of feeding problems, what can be but also the result of chewing the bars to cold water, contamination or weather change. Prevention: correct and accurate feeding, use of fresh or properly stored straw, the use of toxin-binding substances and yeast. The cause of respiratory diseases is the poor stable climate, i.e. There is to much ammonia, the air is dusty. Prevention: Use enough brood, dusted and chopped straw bedding, light movement of the horse. The well-chosen bedding can help the prevention of Horn rot! How? Clean and dry Stable circumstances, regular exercise also in the stable, fresh air! And all can make much money again not cost but with MIKo straw! Miko straw is supplied by 8 countries, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy and Luxembourg. Our company offers an alternative solution for bedding: the chopped and dusted straw bedding of high quality Hungarian wheat straw! eva Szilaski Marketing Manager Miko straw Borota 6445, Hungary I kerulet, Tanya 69/a 003677400465

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