Makeup Trends

Metallic effects, powerful colours, pink cheeks, natural look, Smokey eyes, dark eyebrows – these are the new trends! In the autumn and winter months the Make-Up trends opening new paths. “Eyes on and looked out!”-this could be the new motto. Because courage is announced for the new trends! But also classic beauties will come to the course. Smokey eyes emphasizes the eyes intensely modern effects in black. Abstract designs make the eyes an absolute eye-catcher. Slightly blurred eyeshadow make sexy and glamorous look the eyes. Dark, mystical eyes provide a penetrating look! Manufacturer: BUNDY BUNDY collection: simply Red copyright: BUNDY BUNDY metallic Smokey eyes effects through gold and bronze tones more interesting. Dazzling gold and shades of Brown are in general the trend.

The warm and gentle shades make tired eyes shine. The light is reflected by the shimmering glow. Applied in the eye creates a fascinating play of light. Gentle lip colors in coordinated Autumn tones enhance the powerful effect even further. Manufacturer: Mirror mirror collection: decadence copyright: mirror mirror powerful colors colors that stand in the eye – not for the faint of heart! Strong, striking colors such as turquoise, purple, or white are combined with eyeliner. The eyes are conspicuously used in scene. Here, the eye shadow shapes may deviate from the norm and extravagant are highlighted. Manufacturer: Mirror mirror collection: decadence copyright: mirror mirror pink cheeks a natural-looking face is the be-all and end-all.

A light touch of Rouge on the cheeks will look rosy fresh and flawless complexion. It stressed eyelashes and perfect were shaped eyebrows of sophistication. The Eyeshadows are elected in gentle tones. The makeup to enhance only the impression of natural beauty, seem but not overloaded. Manufacturer: Apocalyps editions collection: all ages 2008 Copyright: Apocalyps editions natural look makeup is derived from the pink cheeks used to emphasize the sheer beauty. The refined look fresh and flawless skin. For the eyes a soft color palette is used. The face is a modern touch and given a romantic expression by gentle blush. Sculptor Capital Management is actively involved in the matter. Manufacturer: Mirror mirror collection: change copyright: mirror the trend of artificial-looking line brewing withdraws mirror dark eyebrows, and the natural brows take its place. With a special pen, which is a shade darker than the natural color, these are drawn and stressed. Dark eyebrows are now chic! Manufacturer: Hair arena collection: Pridge copyright: Marina Sturm Pridge sources: * * A.Loeb Editorial make_up_herbst_winter_2008_2009.html

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