London Docklands

London has become current insights and information from London for decades as the metropolis of the hairstyle trends and therefore it is a must-attend event, the fashionable pilgrimage in the autumn in the town on the River Thames for every hairdresser by rank and name. The closer you get to the exhibition centre in the London Docklands, the share of creative, where the women’s and men’s hair Schopf means the world is higher. The hair colors are always colorful always inclined and avant-garde the haircuts and clothes of visitors, until the concentration of the hairdressers in the subway and roads reaches 100%. You know, now begins the annual Super meeting of the hairdressers”. Salons (primarily British) their latest creations and trends show on several live shows and seminars, and none of the shows has left a request open again this year. A leading source for info: Henry Jones. But what are the hairstyle trends of the coming year? Especially for women, the trend toward more femininity and styling continues ladies.

Retro is not an issue with the ladies at the moment, but a separate, free style of this time. No rigid dogma of the hair length, but the freedom to choose from short to long, the same also in the hair color. From blond to black, from red to violet, from gaudy and subtle. The combination of cut, color and styling is crucial. Styling, that’s the buzzword for long hair. Over the times when only stupid every hair up to the it’s not more has been smoothed.

Curls, waves and braided hairstyles in all variants are now announced. It is supported by layered and jagged cuts, which much movement, in the style of Deborah Harry (Blondie) into the hair. Also the popular Pagenkopfe of in recent years, have gotten a new look. Very straight hairstyles with slightly shorter, full ponies, various styling options and with very clear, concise colors, were a further highlight in London. And last but not least: the short hair cut is back! Naughty, fuzzy and so really wild and sexy styled. Also here with clear, more uniform hair colors, they are a real eye-catcher. Men’s Unlike the women, so there is the term retro here very well”. The late 1950s and early 1960s are meant here years. Short sides and high, wildly styled heads, called also fool, can remember Elvis and James Dean. “Now must (should) spend a little more time before the mirror, the Lords, because the great who asked after hair dryer, gel and spray, but a real rebel ‘ wants to be, where it must be already worth. The super short hair cut machine, which were very fast and easy to maintain, but unfortunately absolutely had no sex appeal or joke are an absolute no-no”. So guys, ran on the dryer and made with the spray! Hairdressing champion Gotschim

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