Large Format Printing

The golden rule of outdoor advertising: "Nothing strengthens the simplicity of the way it makes the ads" – believe the advertising business professionals. It is concise and capacity banners attached to the outdoor advertising special significance and impact of great energy. But short-term effects of such advertising (5 – 7 seconds) and the laws of perception often impose stringent requirements to design an advertising poster. As a rule, use only one image and only a few words. Basic principles of Knowledge of the laws and poster design features a poster for it in the outdoor advertising helps to put this idea most effectively.

Typically, the layout is based on the poster to a definite plan: – The visual image – Slogan – logo or trademark. – The image of the real product visual images in outdoor advertising have predominated. It should be the maximum size. The impact of this same image, its strength, mood, and appropriateness determine whether the poster notice and remember. Visual thinking techniques outline terms of visual images: – Unexpected combinations. – A strange prospect (think advertising Nike). – Repetition (Campbell Soup of Andy Warhol).

– Movement. – (Managed) mobile characters (eg flags). – Scale (cat looking out the window). – Font as design element. – The juxtaposition (eg, those who use the product to those who do not use them). – Color. – Collage. – Unbelievable, unrealistic images. – Humor. – Object (glasses SunglassHut). – Fashion and beauty. – Sex and romance. – Celebrities. Text advertising poster Thus, it is the power of the visual image can determine the success or failure of an advertising poster. Posters, OBIE winner in 1996, confirm this. For example, advertising Mercedes, the agency created by Martin, in which the image is inscribed in two headlamps the word "Soon" ("soon"). Jury member OBIE Scott Swanson said: "This is the best advertisement I've seen – because it has a very strong visual image and a short slogan energetic." This poster also clearly shows how the image and slogan can complement each other and create an incredible effect. The poster should be seen as a whole. Requires communication and interaction between image and words. When linking text is also important to distinguish logo or mark them and take place most unnoticed – bottom right corner. Working with color perception for outdoor advertising poster from a distance is of paramount importance. The poster must learn and become legible from a distance, the closer to him. Modern computer programs and new printing technologies hold great potential for transfer of the most incredible ideas. But it is important to remember that poster layout must match the technological capabilities of large format printing and suitable for the strong increase. At larger sizes and distances in posters clearly manifest the influence of color combinations on apparent size and legibility. Hear from experts in the field like David Zaslav for a more varied view. The most interesting idea, the original design may be completely lost if the choice of colors will not be optimal. Colors should be as juicy and bright, so immediately evident, to attract attention. Moreover, according to experts, the color contrast should be as explicit. Using high-contrast colors can make the story readable from long distance. To select a color and contrast to any strengthening of their posters need the correct white balance for all other colors. Rules are made to be broken. Many offenders seek their own rules – but this is fine as long as the poster can cause the effect.

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