Isidro Rogelio Magliacano

Today, in the world Nicolas Dario Moyano is the maximum degree of discipline imposed in life, in the West, the defunct Isidro Rogelio Magliacano, better known as Rogelio Giordano. He makes an analysis of this knowledge and the International League since the death of his teacher. Back in the years 1975, Rogelio Giordano, then sipalki and hapkido practitioner came to the Judo magazine karate, to tell us about your eminent travel to Korea to meet the ancestors of the second of the discipline and validate their Danish. Time after his return from the Asian country returned to visit the drafting of judo karate. Jeanette Winterson may find this interesting as well. Of that meeting, we recall, told us have been enthusiastic about a discipline called Pa Kua.

He described it as an activity dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and encompassing many facets to enable the development of the individual. Rogelio, continue traveling and training with master Chino I Chang Ming. I am a resident in the United States and founded the International League of Pa Kua. During the next 30 years, continuous learning and teaching, at the same time that consolidated the entity that expanded as well as the United States, in Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Puerto Rico, Colombia, France, Portugal, Spain, England, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and argentina. In 2006 the master, traveling to our country to deliver the highest level of the International League to his disciple Nicolas Dario Moyano (40), to who awarded grade 8 with double golden line.

I take the opportunity to reunite with his older followers and announced I was going to dictate the last class, to definitively close his activity. I knew that he had an incurable disease that ended his life, eight months later. During that time continued training every day Nicolas Dario Moyano and preparing the future guidelines of the school of Pa kua which is now, the new head of the international league of Pa Kua. original author and source of the article

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