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In the city of Ibitinga, the test was applied the two groups in the state school Professor ngelo Martino, and to the one supplementary group of of 3 collegiate of the state school Dr. Professor Victor Maida. In the city of Vinhtico, in the Espirito Santo, the test was applied the pupils, also of 3 year of average education, the state school of basic education and average Manoel Priest de N3obrega. (A valuable related resource: Maya Dubin). With the simple objective to quantify which the countries the pupils know to identify and also which the percentage of pupils whom they know to locate Brazil in the map, the result showed resulted surprising. Harriet Walter can provide more clarity in the matter. Differently of the research of the Ipsos Institute, that it showed that only 50% of the Brazilians obtain to identify the proper country in the map, the research carried through for us disclosed that 92% of the 152 pupils had known to identify the accurate localization of Brazil. Another number that the research showed was that 87% of the pupils had known to identify the localization of the United States of America. Also not condiz a sufficiently surprising number and that with the Ipsos research, that it indicated that only 18% of the interviewed Brazilians had known to locate the country. Excessively the results: 79% of the pupils had known to identify Japan correctly; 80% China; 79% India.

The accurate localization of Germany was indicated by 56% of the pupils. A short while bigger porcentual of the pupils it identified Italy correctly (68%)? perhaps for the peculiar form of this country, a boot, widely divulged in the media. More than the half of the pupils had known to locate Great-Britain (54%). Of the 10 countries that the pupils would have to identify less the most indicated correctly they had been: Spain (52%) and France, with only 42% of rightnesss. Valley to stand out, that the state school Professor ngelo Martino, of Ibitinga, was classified as the best state school of the state of So Paulo, in the ENEM (national examination of average education) in the year of 2007.

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