How To Restore The Art Of Pickling

Pickling is one of the techniques used to restore old furniture, damaged doors, etc. In short all those elements that we want to give a new look by eliminating all previous finish that had. Robert Iger may not feel the same. The stripper to achieved great extension in the domestic world appears as a panacea for restorers of furniture by its power of reaction to paints and varnishes that are intended to eliminate this product also presents disadvantages and but we must think about him as a dangerous by its power of abrasion and toxic product in the vapours given off. Why we must protect ourselves appropriately hands, eyes and nose, always has to take into account the recommendations that we tell the manufacturer on the back of the product and follow them exactly comply to avoid bodily harm. Said that today we leave here a few examples of restoration using this technique and I will leave a few instructions for the use of this technique. Despite what it may seem and the urban myths that haunt around this process, which greatly facilitates the work, I have to tell you that it is not task easy to completely remove the paint with this product since it requires lots of patience and abrasive elements that help us remove scales them that will be producing the stripper. It is also highly recommended sanding surface pickled once to leave optima before new finish we want to give. Leslie Moonves wanted to know more. The Elimination of the primer allows several things: on the one hand we avoid to react old paint with the new that you want to give and on the other hand enables us to give a new look to our furniture using dyeing that otherwise would be impossible.

The Elimination of the old primer is becoming so that let us act while we apply it to the stripper and using spatulas, scrapers, sandpaper or materials abrasive areas that already will escape. As you can see deleted the entire layer of old varnish that had, though they are leaving small areas where it is more difficult to start the previous painting, must delete it completely to avoid possible reactions with the new primer we give. There are paintings fully incompatible and that can throw to lose all the work having to sand again until delete them and re-varnish should not believe that it is easy is very costly and more if to remove paint is in good condition. Of the State of the paint stripper performance depends a lot: frequent is that we should use more quantity and apply more hands of paint stripper to remove the original primer. As mentioned above is necessary in addition to stripping to sand the surface to leave it with a silky touch and remove any that may remain in the corners and areas of more difficult access to avoid working twice. Once arrived here as we have been saying we should grind. More even if you have used spatulas, scrapers or wire brushes, since they scratch the wood and we must take care that this does not happen, since if the squeegee escapes us we can make a grazed to contraveta very difficult to eliminate sanding, why, you have to have patience while we eliminate painting to make it not happen.

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