Horner Syndrome

The eyes of your feline friends have often used in horror films. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robert A. Iger. But if you are a pet owner, you know that the look of the cat is actually the opposite of what is being portrayed in films. That’s why you have to know the importance of caring for the cat’s eye. Te Quiero how do cats say these words? Through his eyes, of course. That’s why you should not be afraid of that look. How does this work? Firstly, the cat you staring for a long time.

And after that, blinks his eyes slowly. Some people labeled this as the kiss of a cat. But you can also be said that this is the way of your cat to say that he loves you. But, how to return the favor? Easy, just follow the example of your cat. Staring at that for a long time and slowly open and close my eyes. See? Cat eyes can also be used as elements of romantic movies. It is not a third eye do not believe that the horror films that are seen.

Cats do not have a third eye. Your view is very acute that with human beings. Instead of a third eye, that cats have a third eyelid. This is called a nictitating membrane. This eyelid protects the eyes of cats of any damage and also the dryness. You will notice that when a cat is sick, this membrane closes a little. This should alarm to call the veterinarian or have your cat to them quickly. But this third eyelid will also be displayed once a cat is happy. So you will know what mood your cat is found in only looking to the membrane. Student student of your feline friend’s eyes must also be observed. A change in the size of a pupil may be an indication of an inflammation. You can also be a sign of a kind of a neurological disorder called Horner Syndrome. Or worse yet, it may also be indicative of tumors or lesions in the central nervous system. Night vision do not believe what others say that cats are blind to color. They see some. You can not see so unclear as humans do, but not so can’t see no color at all. Cats can also see clearly from afar. It is very different from people. It is blurry that things which are so close they are searched for them. Yes, cats have night vision. But you can not see in complete darkness. Do you see the muscles in his diaphragm that surround the pupils of their eyes? They are constructed in a way that narrows down in a vertical split when they are exposed in the bright lights. And it opens fully when the facts are in a very dim light. This characteristic of cats goes back to its roots. It can be used to search for food at night if they stayed in the jungle or left without that nobody who take care of them. So forget the horror films. You have emotion. It is not time to put a little effort in cat’s eye care. Don’t let one minor thing worse. Call a veterinarian immediately when something is wrong. You don’t want your cat to lose his sight or even lose their lives. It is always best prevent having to care for.

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