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Survey of brides and newly married to the topic of young couples, taking the family planning before the wedding in attack are no longer a rarity today. Our baby survey among 500 brides and newlywed on our wedding portal revealed this realization, as well as many more. Also those couples who can celebrate their wedding with their own offspring, are no rarity. Long the social and family pressure with regard to traditional order”has given way to the free decision about family planning. So many couples have a child already before their wedding, when it suits them better; This is the case in one-fifth of couples if you add those that are pregnant on their wedding day.

Many current and future mothers have made known their views on family planning in relation to the wedding date us in the recently conducted survey. The result graphics allow some conclusions to interesting questions: when is the best time for a child – before or after the wedding? Is plan makes sense, or should you just look forward, when getting the offspring also comes? And there are good reasons why you would even have kids? For many brides is that motto however properly plan and get pregnant right after the wedding”looks like the ideal case for one-fifth of the brides. Many Wedding couples and over 40% – would however a while enjoying the togetherness, maybe professionally evolve or also travel, and then plan the next generation. No own children looking for less than 5%, and much less would like to adopt a child. Every woman knows and feels, when the time for a child is right provided it is the right partner. Whether it is before or after the wedding, is individually and provides much material for discussion, inter alia in the bride point Forum and the baby portal recently launched Many see it as important, that the relationship with the partner stable and is trustworthy, and that a certain financial basis is given.

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