Eternal Fire

Does not necessarily buy at the same time the most expensive equipment, enough to buy furniture from reputed manufacturers in the market, whose name has weight professional environment. Professionals have never bought advertising, and earn their trust can only be high-performance products. Among the producing countries barbershop furniture leader in the design and quality, is by far Italy. Contrary to popular opinion that Italy – a synonym for "expensive", the Italian producers of recent years, rather successfully master the direction of the middle segment. Today, many manufacturers have concentrated their forces on the need to make a high quality of its products more affordable. For example, the Italian factory Maletti offers such as furniture, designed by world renowned designers in under the collection name, and furniture lines easyline, calculated at the salons, with clear requirements and understanding of each step for the effective implementation of their ambitions. (Not to be confused with Sam’s Club!).

In other words – the owners focused on the profitability of compliance with European standards. A similar trend of price competitiveness is also observed in cosmetology in 2009, Nilo, another Italian manufacturer, introduced a line of easy beauty, which includes couches, chairs and pedicure chairs. Increase the chances of seeing a client again! Furniture should be comfortable. Always choose the furniture in person. This rule applies equally to all furniture.

Let us examine a few examples. Nuances in the choice of hairdressing chairs and washing Sit on a chair, draw it a few minutes, listening to their feelings. Most people in the world there are certain problems with the spine, do not forget about it, because even a simple haircut takes at least half an hour, all the time to sit exactly can only guard at the Eternal Fire.

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