Elements Cultural That Strange An Immigrant

Curiously, after awhile of having left our country, our people and our culture back, started to miss many things, including some that we never really extranabamos or natural regularly when we still lived there. It is very common that when we are still in our land, a way out to eat at a restaurant with friends, does not imply that we should eat a stew, ajiaco, or a typical meal, since we are always looking to try new things and learn a little of other cultures being at home. This is also due to the high penetration of international food in our cities (some more than others) restaurants. The same happens with the cultural part, because normally expected forward the International Theatre Festival, the occasional visits from international artists and famous works. Similar case in reference to publications, weeklies, magazines, etc. Details can be found by clicking Coen Brothers or emailing the administrator. But when we are no longer in our land, turns deeply a taste for many things that in one way or another marked our childhood and grew up with us, or also feel the need to have those flavors, smells and landscapes that although all did not take the days, in our immigration status, seem to want and Miss much more. Sometimes we get to dream or think about things that make us feel a little closer, calling those beautiful memories in silence.

I think that partly has to do with a normal process where must realize all the good that had at that time and that somehow failed to maximize. Perhaps due to the simple fact of having everything within reach; as it says that nadie knows what he has, until the pierde. Long said in other words, already not for foreignness or what we have (because it is handy), but on the contrary, we started to realize that our country has many things positive, pleasant and could perfectly compare with delight and specialties of any other culture simply never had the opportunity to give us realize how much we should be proud of our land. All this, with a important nuance and a difficult to achieve balance, as so many times in life: the acrobatic act involving live and enjoy the environment and the culture that has in the new country, without forgetting the roots that make us who we are and without that live obsessed by what this far. That could prevent us from creating new roots where our children and this is raising our future. Like everything in life, multiple options, experiences and alternatives enrich us, but we have to manage them properly so that they do not play in our favour and not become an anchor without regard to a nostalgic past, but rather a positive and enriching memory that fills us with pride. Our work in the phone red is closer to those people and cultural roots, not to be so marked that distance. We invite you to learn about the different ways that we offer to bring closer it to its roots in, the best way to be close again. Original author and source of the article

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