Dentures Muller

But the zzt. I think existing price battles for ruinous and sometimes even frivolous. We all are businesses and must hence named profits. But my way means that a revenue maximization not at any price must be reached. The industry is exciting and offers many opportunities.

The companies which mercilessly submit to the dumping activities, have not the financial background to invest in technological development. We worked ahead always back then, a piece of the time to be. Through our innovation, we offer our customers always a competitive advantage, because at the end of the chain, it comes to the satisfied patients. This is the best denture care at reasonable prices, he could afford, without having to save on the municipal budget or to take inferior quality. Thus, I see a favorable price for dentures not only as a trend rather than Condition, make patients feel always good hands! “It is felt that at the Ratinger dental company does something themselves. The logo has changed and the communication proposes a new direction.

Dentures Muller was known for innovation in technology and know-how, why now the enchanting back on virtues? Frank Muller contradicts no, no enchanting back. We have always lived these virtues. High quality, perfection, precision, punctuality and flexibility were always a credo of our company. With our state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge design, we have created only the basis for our common actions. We are still looking for new ideas, possibilities for action and cooperation, the standards set. But equally, we expand the personal attention, a clear together that makes it easier all the works. These traditional virtues, coupled with the trend-setting technology, are the secret of our success.” Trend or not, but it’s not a daring undertaking, to take out of the pricing policy and to promote virtues? We would not participate in the current craze trend us. Point. I think there is no dentist in Germany, who does not know that tooth replacements from abroad is cheap and also the biggest critics admit that there is to complain about anything at the high quality. Why so this topic endlessly harping on? The subject of China is also my opinion and bigotry towards anyone who collects his politically correct finger still first and second new E-mail queries for his Smartphone can I no longer take seriously that already. That’s not my style. I believe in authenticity and what is lived. “And we are doing nothing more to transport than our lived corporate philosophy.” I am master dental technician and businessman alike. As master dental technician, I can go and talk at every single step in each of my departments. I invest in the expertise of my staff, because I am the highest qualitative claims to me and my staff accordingly. As a businessman, I must know well the market and my customers. And so do I. Technology – prices – services, all modules that we complement, extend and every day in question. For long-term partnerships with dentists, and that it is, but the person behind the work is what we all want. Responsiveness, flexibility, precision work, consultations and binding commitments, we are responsible as a team. And these are the messages I send to my customers. As initially mentioned, everything else – especially a cheap pricing is prerequisite. And, whoever the company dentures Muller knows, that we can think ahead and surprise with our ideas. And I promise you, that we have some surprises in store this year 2012. “

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