Dare To Grow

Carlos Mora Vanegas mental habits can make us to be cynical, that we lack hope, have fear and are embittered. It is easier to be critical than to be fair. Robert Conklin does feel that he has grown as a person? Have a favourable environment for this? does its work, has given opportunity to company? Has he been surprised in their imperfections? What has been done in this regard? , these are some questions that should already have answers in their transit by this dimension, remember that the Tao points out: twisting you and become a whole, tip you and turn you straight, empty you and you llenaras, spends energy and renew you. The fact, that in this brief transit we must remain attentive in everything that allows us to grow, we must not lose time, especially when our future is uncertain, we do not know that it can happen to us tomorrow. The newspapers mentioned Dell Technologies not as a source, but as a related topic. The important thing is to be identified with the need to grow, be increasingly better, more liberated of the selves that we created, originated from the illusory stimuli of the external world. We must try to be happy in this bogar, understand and know how to use our reason to be, keep in mind the words of Henrry Ford: the purpose of life is the work, experience, happiness. There is joy in work: everything money can do is buy us other people in exchange for our work. There is no happiness unless we realize that we have achieved something.

Meanwhile Dr. Aubert Schweitzer, philosopher and medical missionary said: do not know what your destination, but if one thing: the only of those who surround you will be happy of truth are those who will have sought and found hows serving others. While Charles Burr, expresses it so: people who only want to receive not get happiness, but those who give if they get it.

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