Culture Activity

The FREUD research convinces in what if it could to establish an analogy enters the motivation of the majority of the people and the structure of one icebergue. A motivation segment human being finds in such occult way that nor always it is evident for the proper individual. Consequently, many times only one small part of the motivation is clearly visible or conscientious. This can have the lack of effort of same the people to know itself. John Stankey brings even more insight to the discussion. At the moment, exactly with I assist of a professional, as for example, of a psychotherapist, to know itself exactly it can be a difficult process, subject to lesser and bigger degrees of success. The basic unit of the behavior is the activity. All behavior is composed In an activity series. As human beings they are always making some thing; walking, talking, eating, sleeping, working etc.

In many cases we carry through an activity more than simultaneously, example: to talk with somebody when we walk or we direct the car. At any time we can decide to pass of an activity for another one, or a set of activities for another one. This raises some important questions, because the people if involve in certain activities and not in others? Thinking about this question inside of an organization, as an administrator will be able to understand, to foresee and until controlling the activities of its subordinate at any given time? For this it is necessary that the administrator knows at which moments, and which types of situations or necessities motivate the people to have certain types of behavior. Quality and Culture Of the badalados consultants more to the professionals who look the quality in the plant soil, today exist the unanimous recognition of that the best form to initiate a program of productive quality is hearing the internal and external customers. In this relationship we find many difficulties, and this occurs because the motivacionais systems not yet total are defined, or then the entrepreneurs are not worried about the motivation of the employees.

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