Create Effective Advertising Announcement

Ad placed, and the responses it does not arrive? Most likely, the reason is simple: advertising copy is written without taking into account the rules of drawing up ads. To announcement brought the desired effect, consider the following Recommendations: 1. Your ad should be informative title. This title, which is denoted by the item, the sale price and the name of the selling organization. Examples of informative titles from the site Sell fiberglass BB-F XC-F, VV-T, BB-M at a price of 9.70 rubles.; Buy pump 4062 pump antifreeze-Plant 58t.r Budkontsept offers Formwork headers do not contain information that is called 'blind'. 'Blind' titles from the site Looking for investment in a promising project business at your level! We invite you to cooperation! Must be many! It is unlikely that people will take the time to find out what hides behind such enigmatic titles.

2. Not only the title, but and the text of the declaration should be as informative as possible. Be sure to include the price of goods! Unable to find prices, many buyers will not even consider this ad. Meanwhile, not all compilers ad aware of this, as you can see by reading the texts with message boards on the site. 3.

Description of the goods or services should be as complete and accurate. If a person needs to acquire aluminum gofrolist, he soon turns to the other company that offers' aluminum sheet for X USD + shipping 'than the one that' realizes gofrolist from the warehouse. " (Example taken from a site) 4. The text of the announcement should not be unfamiliar words. The potential buyer will not guess what is hidden behind unfamiliar word or abbreviation. He just will not read this posting on. Finally, it is important to remember that even properly made up entirely ad useless without the contact information. If your ad has no phone, no address, no e-mail, no link to the site the seller, the buyer if they wanted to be able to access it. The more contact information contained in the text ad, the greater the likelihood that a potential buyer will contact the seller.

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