Dense layers of cardboard connection provides an attractive appearance and reliable package. A good mix of cardboard coated with a coating is necessary in order to get the appeal of the product and implement quality printing on the front layer. Flat lying in the foot. This requirement suggests that the sheets of cardboard should not be subjected to buckling under the impact of the room humidity and change their shape. Saving a flat appearance – an important indicator of quality cardboard. Relative humidity should not exceed normal limits. Additional information is available at David Zaslav. This means that the board should have a certain density and moisture, which achieved by coating layers of the facial and purl. Good printed circuit board properties are very important when applying the image on its surface.

Typically, the front side board was originally performed in the light further printing on it, but it is sometimes necessary to use and the wrong side. The ability to varnishing even a small amount of polish. Requirement is dictated by the need to further protect board and giving it a decorative look with paint. The ability to varnishing a small amount of paint can provide a high quality board with a slight increase in cost. Good fixing colors necessary to create a persistent image is not erased in the process of making boxes, packing them into production and ongoing operations. Corrugated Corrugated different types and thicknesses – a reliable, well-established material for packaging. The number of layers of corrugated cardboard can be from 2 to 7, and alternate with flat, corrugated, paper role-playing of the material.

Boxes made of corrugated cardboard used for packing furniture, footwear, household appliances and products, auto parts, sanitary ware, kitchenware, food poduktov. Along with cardboard for the production of corrugated cardboard and used. It is less thick and strength, so is used for packing lighter products. One of the major advantages of cardboard is its attractive appearance. Despite the fact that now for packaging have been increasingly applied plastics and other synthetic materials, cardboard packaging continues to be relevant and widely used in various industries.

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