Castilian Spirit

The things are perceived by their opposites; if there is an impossibility to catch the reality in his minimal parts, it must unique to the insufficiency of the sensorial bodies that on the other hand, reflect with all exactitude which is put in contact with them. CBS helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. 1) Anaxagoras Dice " nothing generates nor destroys " this postulate is but clear, and of this we can deduce " energy is not generated nor is destroyed &quot becomes; this conception accepts in the matter all class of changes, thus Anaxagoras confirms to us that everything only changes but in search of the order. And this order is guided by the intelligence that gives animation to the matter. Perhaps an intelligence or brings back to consciousness universal. 2) the spirit, intelligence and the mind are the principles that eliminate the chaos. Of the spirit we own a high one I number of conceptions, we approach some definitions, with the purpose of to make us an idea but clear and needs. Knowing to discern, that it is what it could culminate with the chaos. As we know, Young people philosophers and physicists.

The first time that in philosophy esboso the spirit concept was in the Greek antiquity when presenting/displaying the concepts of nous. Like a reality superior to the material reality, a thinking principle whose meaning some times has considered to the one of Psyche &quot similar; alma" that it is, strictly speaking a vivifying principle; to itself Pneuma, principle superior to the organic thing, it transcends because it, has been translated in many occasions by spirit. In Latin from where it comes indeed Castilian word spirit " spirits " equal to blowing. Breath designates an organization immaterial and equipped with reason. Spirit in any case has been understood of very diverse ways, but in any case always to indicate what the purely vital or organic thing extends.

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