Canary Islands

I recognize that I am enamoring to know world. It enchants to me to travel and with time every time I enjoy more it. It does not matter to where it goes: it is Europe, America, Asia or Africa, always is something draws attention to me of those countries. And that I have not had the luck to travel as much as me would have liked. At present, he is very fashionable to go of vacations to Caribbean destinies like Bayahibe, Santo Domingo, etc. Of course, are unique places where you are yourself surrounded by pure and crystalline waters, white sand beaches that escape between the fingers, a green vegetation populated with palms and a helpful personnel who takes care of to you in everything what you need within a hotel complex of extreme luxury. Yes, without a doubt they are perfect vacations for whatever it enjoys the beach and the sun.

Have lived I it in first person and, of course, I recommend it to everybody. However, my last trip has been on the awares to me with respect to which we are losing within our own country. What needed was a good rest, so I decided again on a trip of relax in the beach, but this time I decided to visit the Canary Islands and to fly until Tenerife. It was without a doubt a great election! The paradises not only exist outside our borders, but Spain has the luck to count on destinies unique and beaches and landscapes that do not have anything to envy to the Caribbean. My week in the beach, in particular in the coast of the locality of Adeje (more information in Adeje coast hotel) was an authentic wonder, and in addition with the advantage of which Tenerife has very competitive prices. Your trip can salirte as economic as (it visits supplies Tenerife hotel) and you will not miss anything Caribbean.

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