Business Administrator

Objectives of the code of ethics one of the fundamental objectives of the code of ethics is to try a tool to the graduate of companies which orient it and guide during his duties as administrator, reminding him of what its origin and function within society, and that his honour will be only the reflection of his loyalty to this code (importance of professional ethics).This code will be source of strength morality at the time of the decisions that make a business man, a human being full and respectable. Necessity and basis of codes of ethics professional taking the word in the strict sense, profession call an activity exercised by human beings, characterized by three things: – a large volume of expertise that are usually purchased in a University – practical training in applying that knowledge. -Recognition of responsibilities to society and the environment, before the users of professional services and to other members of the corresponding Guild. Professional codes of ethics are a practical derivation of some axiological philosophical system, where values such as: honesty, justice, equality, health, safety, public welfare and respect for nature are the basis of the current codes.We can say that all of them are based on a deontological ethics, principles, rules, and rule. Ethical decision, all moral behavior (moral ethics) begins with a decision (which is also the first voluntary act). That decision generates an action where the man becomes cause, identifies and undertakes. Through reasoned intention opens a path for action on a future project.In its decision all the values face instinctively and that through consent give rise to the emergence of something new. Accordingly, the professional ethics is a branch of moral philosophy, which aims to lay down the rules that should govern the behavior of people who practice a profession, within the exercise of the same.Citing Fernando Sodi Pallares, action which does not reveal the light of reason, is blind; the reason, without action, is sterile. .

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