Another aspect of the discontent of the people: "horoscope is not about me, I'm not a (nd)" or "was at four astrologers – all say different!". In the first case is this: man sees himself from the inside not the same as seeing surrounding it. Some even have the erroneous self-esteem prefer not to see their "dark side". There are individuals, and I do not just have to deal with living in their illusions. They are not something that myself, but the whole the world does not perceive adequately.

They cling to this, his fantasy world, not wanting to live in the real. In the roots of alcoholism, drug addiction and other "virtual reality". That most of these is just limited by "a not about me. " As a result, lives are not their own destiny, as someone else's, while trying to persuade myself: that's when something will be all right when something ends, "a dark band, I jinxed (damage done, cursed), but I have a" take off from magician "and my fate in moment of change. " A need something just to live their own destiny. In the second case, a person tries to know the opinion of several experts for greater reliability.

Understandable desire. Just as I said, the horoscope – is scheme, through which information can be read. And that's what happens: one astrologer saw some information and told the client. Another saw something else, too, spoke, etc. Horoscope – layered thing, so the information from there you can get a very long time, more and more nuances of human life. Astrological schools are also different, ie different systems and techniques that astrologers use to work. Personal experience of specialist skills – as well as in other professions. Therefore, run by different astrologers is completely useless. We need to find a specialist of their own. Usually, and astrologers are clients with similar problems. How are physicians – specialization is different, but basically knowledge about the structure of the human body and methods of treatment. Let's will treat with respect to knowledge ancestors, handed down from master to disciple, and they will help us get to know themselves and their destiny and build our lives happy. And let's be respectful of the work of others.

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