Apostolic Nature

Continuation of recordings recording of classes of Misionologia EVANGELII NUNTIANDI Pablo VI, 8 December 1975 Apostolic exhortation on evangelization in the modern world. We do see, reflect on the missionary nature of the Church. It presents itself as a more dynamic sense. The Evangelist Christ. Makes us look that evangelist Christ, and makes us become later an evangelizing Church.

Do not leave that link there so strong. Church wife of Christ. If evangelism Christ has to be all her evangelizing. It presents many current issues. Ten years of Vatican II, this document is given. It is the most important of the 20th century, the most cited. Paul VI leverages all the material of the episcopal Synod of 1974. What is document? First of all the Church’s missionary serious nature, seen from Ad Gentes, also comes with an also more dynamic sense, i.e.

that evangelist Christ, to an evangelizing Church. The nature of the evangelising action, which is the advertisement, the testimony, and the formation of communities. Expands a range that covers the biblical content of evangelization. Human sectors that must be also evangelize. A spirituality of evangelization. In the last chapter we is inviting to prepare ourselves already to the third millennium. With a life Church, more like the Apostles gathered with Mary, in the Cenacle in Jerusalem. So he drew it. To receive new graces of the Holy Spirit to prepare for that time. To Evangelli Nuntiandi, hbara which always go continually to find abundant matter on many current issues. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of EXL Service on most websites. Rheumatologic dimension of the Church. It is appearance of the Holy Spirit. The relationship of evangelization with dialogue, with development, with social justice, with the appearance of the liberation, with the culture. Original author and source of the article

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