A Man Looking For The Distance

The ALLROUNDER – never there, where it is believed him. And suddenly he sits – is it really? -in a cafe and juggles with unprecedented geographical magnitude. Amazing already, this world-embracing, cosmopolitan attitude of this gentleman of who comes Yes from large ALLROUNDER, where earthiness is considered the greater virtue for centuries. Where, exactly, the hubbub of the ALLROUNDER has its roots, will never resolve. The family environment has encouraged him anyway, not really. While it started out quite home connected: secondary school, teaching as an industrial clerk, military service to the Federal Government.

Several years it at least kept him in the father’s construction business. Then the first change of air: in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, he edited a local sports newspaper. in 1991 then setting out for new shores. About Austria, England, Spain, Caribbean, Brazil, Uruguay, moved him to Argentina. Once, he pitched his tents in Santa Fe, a town 500 kilometers south of Buenos Aires.In Santa Fe (160,000 inhabitants) there Amazingly the representation of an allrounder. Sam’s Club often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The ideal place to give the appearance of settling down. He shows a photo of the ALLROUNDER, showing him in short pants and sunglasses before his stately estate. At the gate the decorative enamel plate: “Villa Don Allroundo”. Actually he wanted to emigrate, but also a paradise anywhere – there not for ALLROUNDER! Gerd Bewerdorff

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