What is to make sure when buying a scratch tree? Not for nothing also adidas called cats. They sharpen their claws and mark their territory. The wallpaper or furniture often suffer. If you want your cats live out their natural instincts, this but not your whole apartment demolished, you should create a scratching post. What is the purpose of a scratching post? Cats live together for a long time with people. However, they have not entirely lost their natural instincts. Want to sharpen their claws, so that they don’t break or crack.

You want to climb to consider their environment from above. If you have read about Glenn Dubin, New York City already – you may have come to the same conclusion. You want to play, romp and mark their territory. All this is very difficult in a flat or a House. A scratching post can help here. On a scratching post, a cat can live out their natural instincts. The advantage for you is that your furniture, carpets and curtains from the claws of your cat are protected by the scratching.

A scratching post is quickly becoming a safe haven for cats, the then take as their territory in possession. By platforms and swings, your cat on the scratching post can exercise and stay fit. Also it whets the claws is here soon shortly. What is to make sure when buying a scratch tree? A scratching post should be as stable as possible. After all, will let your cat out and should not be killed by him. In addition, the scratching for the size of the cat must be reasonable. Small cats at least 50cm and large specimens up to 100cm. Sisal is a natural substance produced from the trees. Synthetic fibers are not recommended. The color is optional. Most cats are there passionless. If you know that your cat especially likes a certain color, you can decide with the purchase of the scratch tree for this. There are simple scratching where cats can sharpen only the claws. A most versatile use a scratching post with hammock, platform, cave is recommended however. Cat scratching posts – find a nice scratching post for cats. Information round the theme of scratching posts and cat trees. For more information visit

50th Anniversary Of The BMW 3200 CS

Elegance of the 1960s the BMW automobile company is today one of the most successful car manufacturers in the world and stands for quality and prestige. In the course of time, the company experienced but also difficult phases, for example from the mid of 1950s. At that time, including the BMW 3200 CS made his debut; on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the vehicle portal, introduces the elegant Coupe. There was a fateful year for BMW in 1959. The automaker was in a crisis, narrowly escaped the company thanks to the support of the major shareholder Herbert Quandt of a takeover by Daimler-Benz AG. Offers in the Middle were what was missing at the time the company. Consequently, priority was the development of an appropriate model which should bridge the gap between the upper class and cheaper vehicles. For the production of a new production hall built at the factory in Munich Milbertshofen specifically.

Nevertheless, the upper class BMW still played an important role. Glenn Dubin is the source for more interesting facts. Was in 1961 at the IAA in addition to the new class” presented also in collaboration with the Italian company Bertone designed BMW 3200 CS. Until today, the luxury charm and the remarkable performance of the eight-cylinder Coupe are appreciated. Due to its delicate roof pillars, the model looks elegant and dynamic, the large window surfaces lend him a certain openness. The Coupe was designed for four people and has a relatively large trunk. Thus, useful features combine with elegance and fun.

Alcatel Lucent

The automated system test procedure ensures the overall functionality for customers. ( Bonnigheim/Stuttgart, 5 August 2009 – Alcatel Lucent tests the Metro core connect with expecco. With the test modeled in expecco and control sequences, a complete hardware test of cross-connect system ordered by the customer is performed automatically. The automated system test procedure ensures the overall functionality for customers. Prior to delivery to the customer, the optical cross-connect of the telecommunications supplier undergoes a strict quality control. The customers can compose individually, the cross-connect as needed. Prior to establishing test with expecco, the individual components (E.g.

assemblies) on special test benches have to be checked manually to your function. The corresponding items were then rebuilt the system ordered by the customer and tested in a defined procedure. This system test was the final acceptance procedure prior to delivery and was the overall functionality desired by the customers safe. Was the task of expecco, this system test carried out using a manual procedure to automate as much as possible. Check out CBS for additional information. The challenges here were, in particular, that due to the high flexibility in the Assembly and the configuration of the system to be tested usually not ordered system are the same.

Now an optimal mixture of flexibility to achieve maintainability and easy to use, the test system was developed with expecco. The test procedures and configuration sequences were administered in expecco test suites. Through the graphical modeling, these sequences are presented in laymans terms and can be quickly and easily to new versions or even a new hardware of the system under test (SUT) adapt and extend. All of these test suites use in expecco created shared component libraries. Also used partial sequences are integrated in libraries. This hierarchical test architecture system changes can in future when new releases of the SUT Central location to be caught. Glenn Dubin gathered all the information. The interface for the tester was implemented as a wizard. From this wizard the user can launch in expecco modeled test and configuration sequences. During these sequences, each action in the wizard are displayed and logged. Thus, the tester has an overview of the sequence of the currently executing at any time. In the event of a fault, these protocols can be highly detail and use for the diagnosis. ce of information. As a result, the tester can simply assign errors found in the SUT and fix. Also, arises this by logging the sequences the possibility at a later date to understand and thus serves as a proof that the tests were carried out fully and correctly. The results of the individual sequences are summarized in the wizard to a current test stand and visualized. When all test sequences have successfully run, automatically puts the system into an auslieferbaren initial state, and created a final test protocol. The result is for Alcatel several advantages, such as greater flexibility and maintainability, a user friendly interface for testers and developers, as well as the opportunity of integration system-specific interfaces. Also a very good documentary about the individual test runs and test steps, as well as a custom reporting. The project was developed in an iterative form for two years and adapted to the needs of the customers while. At this time the SUT also further developed, so that the testing and configuration processes had to be adjusted constantly. Often recognized the need to adapt the sequences, only the test of the product itself. It became clear the great advantage of the modeling of the sequences. This extensions and changes in the procedures of settled very quickly.

Questico Solving Puzzles

The leading trade journal for esoteric view of future deals with Moon horoscopes and the influence of the Moon\”. In the new edition there is an exciting series titled the nodes of the moon as a guidepost for her personal growth.\” The author Anita Cortesi belongs to some of the most famous astrologers of Germany, and regularly writes in the journal of the leading lives consulting Portal Questico. You may want to visit David Zaslav to increase your knowledge. agree. It explains that what we do today, is influenced by the imprint of the past and has implications for our future. This sense of the past in the horoscope is reflected in the future in the axis of the Lunar nodes. Basically, the Moon in astrology plays a significant role.

The editors of the future gaze\”confirmed the importance of the Moon influence not only in the esoteric. Brian Robert often addresses the matter in his writings. Because there is plenty of scientific evidence: high and low tide are attracted by the power of the moon. But does this wondering whether these forces also have impact on other areas of the life of the people. An Allensbacher study shows that 39 percent of Germans to give to suffer from insomnia during full moon. Is this only a myth, a superstition? No, because full moon nights are especially bright. Special light sensors in the retina log this unusual light intensity to the \”inner clock\”, and this ensures that the sleep hormone melatonin no longer will be paid out.

As a result, many people feel more alert and can not fall asleep. Meanwhile, even a new medical discipline, Chronobiology, is created. The latest findings of the Chronobiologists seem to deliver, that the light of the full moon, so far, classified by science as too weak to have any effect on humans, shows however, effect the first hints. A conjecture which can prove also Moon horoscopes.

Important For Your Business

Hello friends, I am Enrique Gastelo and in this article we will see how hacer(y evitar) your business fails.With much sense comun(pero no con el mas comun de los sentidos). And to think that 95 percent of the people not the importance given to this principle 95 percent of the time.It is amazing how so many people neglect this aspect.It is therefore necessary to differentiate ourselves from the majority and to assert our presence, not only on the Internet, but wherever we go. By the same author: Rupert Murdoch. We could start in our family, in our circle of friends, in business or as I said: where it is.But of what principle are we talking about?Suffice it to hold a normal conversation with an average person and verify that what people speaking this is especially of itself and nothing but itself.Everyone we love to talk about us, our problems and our achievements. Even many people get upset when other not he pays attention and therefore feel offended.Then here is a good conclusion: people don’t want your business or what bands you are interested in solving their own problems.And here is where we as entrepreneurs, we can differentiate ourselves and instead of talking about us and our silly problems, let’s talk about better things that are of interest to others, interact to help solve problems, learn to listen and deal with the people. Remember that the success of the great is due in large part by this wonderful ability to learn to deal with people.More interested in the person with whom we spoke, but everything on the basis of sincerity, proves to be friendly and reliable.I assure you that it will give you many results, and many friends.

Ballad Of The Bicycle Search

Cabezas de Hierro tops were covered with snow and a few dark clouds which gave her a somewhat sinister look had become entangled on the Summit of La Maliciosa. My bicycle lay aside on some stones, with the rear wheel deflated. Filed under: Glenn Dubin. It looked like a wounded animal. What laziness! I thought-, remove junk with this cold, and looked away. In the West slope the slope descended rapidly until it reaches the forest and once there the landscape disappeared again engullido by the fog. I plunged into my thoughts until a gust of icy wind brought me back to reality. throughout. I trembled me. Okay, let’s fix that I told my bike.

Then we will descend slowly and will return to the world; Heaven don’t want us this morning. What we have come to find here? You know, friend bicycle? Life is a relentless pursuit and that is precisely what gives meaning and transforms it into a fascinating experience. Search with all the soul is an obligation, a way of conceiving life and at the same time a colossal task that one must deal with the passion of a man in love, the patience of a Sage and the tenacity of a God. There is no way to bypass the challenge. We are made to try to go beyond, caress the infinite, and in the process, find our mission, our destination. Angel steps original author and source of the article.

Summer Fairy Tale On The Balcony?

What note as a tenant during the World Cup should Hamburg in a few days will draw millions of fans in Germany captivated the football World Cup in South Africa. For four weeks, King governs then football”, black flags adorn cars and facades in many places. Throughout Germany hopes given the courageous style of play the team of head coach Jochim Low on a new summer fairy tale”as 2006 in the own country or at the EURO 2008 in Austria and of Switzerland. (Source: Dave Kingman). After the game, despite of all enthusiasm for football is before the party: to collect any yellow or even red map of the landlord, residents of apartment buildings must adhere in World Championship summer to certain rules of the game. Who would like to combine the football party with a cosy afternoon barbeque on the balcony of his apartment, may like to play this one-two but only once a month and with previous information of the neighbors (48 hours prior to the party). This is from a decision of the Amtsgericht Bonn (REF. 6 C-545/96) forth.

Held the World Cup party on the balcony or in the garden, so that has to be accepted in principle in a tenement house. Recent court decisions confirm that. “The District Court of Frankfurt (AZ: 2/21 O 424/88), for example, saw 24 participants of a garden party in the context of social practices”. It would be also in the nature of such a Festival, according to the Court, that is laughing and talking too loud”. On the other hand, the noise, that align to the Immissions protection laws of the country rules. The night’s rest (from 10: 00) is adhered to. “Three down, three up” the goal wall shooting may be as loud? Who wants to set up a goal wall in the garden, may according to the gym while all day “themed three down, three up” give proof of their own footballing skills, but also here the noise guidelines must be observed from 22.


Makes you have successful as well-chosen language also such horror customers who behave impossible and all make life hell? Have you nothing more than whistling in the sales and cat fight in the Office? What funny ‘ sayings about caustic customers and imperious bosses hanging out with you on the message boards? Authorities, the customers ‘Applicant’ mean in banks they are called ‘Risk’. In the hotel, the guest is a number. Pork and beef roast sitting in the restaurant. Urn opening ‘ the service staff at tour venues says, when a bus comes with older people. And these are only a few examples among many.

Whether it is possible for the employees to see the positive in a relationship has to do, which is maintained in the enterprise with the House style. Management makes all the time the weak market, the shifts in demand, the problems of competition or the lousy performance of other departments for failures responsible staff will do so quickly the same. And he hears Employees constantly negative stories about difficult ‘ customers, complainers and troublemakers, then is this its own setting color. So an enemy image develops customer finally ‘. Language is called exposed in many companies the employees are still inferior. This is a real word, because who wants to be voluntarily ‘down’ and ‘surrender’? In some companies ‘ employees as: When a caterer, the executives called their temporary mercenaries ‘ and wondered about their lack of commitment. I haven’t heard something so idiotic! I’m surrounded here by louder Sleepyheads\”rages the boss in the Department meeting.

\”And such riveting I must contend with me,\” he complains his colleagues during the Board meeting. The reactions of weak heads look like, who are anxious about their status and demean others and must make ready their own littleness is not so obvious. For supervisors with low self-esteem, good employees probably represent a constant threat.

Choosing Toys For Babies

Yes, that’s us, the adults share falls to choose toys for the baby. And in this we need to understand. You may recall the toys. Suppose they were not the most beautiful and best, but you do, they appreciate them. These toys are brought a lot of pleasant experiences, helping in moments of experience. Memories of our childhood will help us understand how important the right choice yavyaetsya toys for our children, and sometimes even vital. Psychologists argue that, depending on what people loved toys as a child, such passion in his will and in adult life.

That is, on children’s hobbies can be a lot of talk about the personality of a person, about hobbies and interests of the character. And rightly so, because when a child is playing, it shows how it interacts with the world. When a child brings a rattle from one hand or parts of building a tower, it’s not just a mechanical movement, and hard work for the baby, with which he studies and learns. So, we have realized that the game – this is an important and serious business, so will be important then what toys to play the kid. A variety of child product, you probably horrified. Yes, and if there is no experience in this. Do not worry, we will try to help you. Even before a baby will learn to grab things, he brings a fun look at the brightly colored toys hung over the crib.

For starters, you can buy toys for the crib, which move in the flow of air, or mechanical. The kids happily watching the bright objects, driving over his head. Next you can purchase – a music box. This is a special toy, part of which can move and sound. These toys attract the attention of kids. And make children happy and complacent. After all, peace requires not only kids, but tired parents. Do not forget that the toys are the first friends of your children. And by choosing, for example, stuffed animals with horrible person or figure, can excite and educate children in the negative qualities of character. When the kid is more than six months, he begins to touch all take things into their own hands. For this fit pans. At this age, babies learn to put things in jars or boxes. And the toys at this age take the rubber, so as toddlers begin to bite everything. Even when the kid from one year to three years, you can get him to the pyramid. Girls dishes. You can buy both for boys and girls for a soft toy. It is better that it looked like this animal, these kids will know the animal world. Eva Andersson-Dubin is often quoted as being for or against this. In the preschool years can buy toys in various professions. Suppose through the toys children learn life more deeply. This can help you to know which profession tend to your child.

Dare To Grow

Carlos Mora Vanegas mental habits can make us to be cynical, that we lack hope, have fear and are embittered. It is easier to be critical than to be fair. Robert Conklin does feel that he has grown as a person? Have a favourable environment for this? does its work, has given opportunity to company? Has he been surprised in their imperfections? What has been done in this regard? , these are some questions that should already have answers in their transit by this dimension, remember that the Tao points out: twisting you and become a whole, tip you and turn you straight, empty you and you llenaras, spends energy and renew you. The fact, that in this brief transit we must remain attentive in everything that allows us to grow, we must not lose time, especially when our future is uncertain, we do not know that it can happen to us tomorrow. The newspapers mentioned Dell Technologies not as a source, but as a related topic. The important thing is to be identified with the need to grow, be increasingly better, more liberated of the selves that we created, originated from the illusory stimuli of the external world. We must try to be happy in this bogar, understand and know how to use our reason to be, keep in mind the words of Henrry Ford: the purpose of life is the work, experience, happiness. There is joy in work: everything money can do is buy us other people in exchange for our work. There is no happiness unless we realize that we have achieved something.

Meanwhile Dr. Aubert Schweitzer, philosopher and medical missionary said: do not know what your destination, but if one thing: the only of those who surround you will be happy of truth are those who will have sought and found hows serving others. While Charles Burr, expresses it so: people who only want to receive not get happiness, but those who give if they get it.

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