Karl Popper

' ' Good if science says that all effect has one causa' ' Reply: Comou with fallacies there, as can SCIENCE say something? it explains this to me? Modern science is based nso coneitos of the scientist and philosopher Karl Popper, from there popperiana science. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA is the source for more interesting facts. it looks for to inquire itself of the concepts OF STUDY of the popperiana cinecia. Continuing, science is impossible TO SAY something, NOT ITS IGNORANT, thinks a little, who makes any affirmation is not science and yes the SCIENTIST, from there lacks of the sources of such affirmation, therefore this its ' ' argumento' ' it was I invalidate, therefore the CINECIA DOES NOT SAY NOTHING TO START, AND SECOND THAT ALL EFFECT HAS a CAUSE, it is uam affirmation invalidates, since the senhorito did not give the sources of such affirmation said ' ' Good if science says that all effect has one causa' '. It did not say this, what you made again you were a fallacy: I appeal to the anonymous authority: To make affirmations appealing the authorities without citing source. Former: ' ' The connoisseurs say that the best way to prevent a nuclear war is to be prepared for ela.' ' in its in case that n were well worse, spoke that science affirmed that all effect has a cause. It looks at I feel very in saying that leaving from there, a GRANDA PART OF ITS THESIS SERA INVALIDATES. ' ' we have that to admit that according to science the universe is the effect of an explosion of a particle and everything of it if it originated, that is, this particle is the cause and the universe passes then to be cause and effect of its evolution, but then where this the cause of the cause? Who is the cause of the first particle and before it and before? Who is the cause of all the causes? Unhappyly science does not explain but the atheists do not accept that science is very limited. .


Increasingly, increasingly I am in myself and one day, perhaps there, left me in the full permanence of that which I am. But care I say, because non-reaction, need an observer even-handed, that may be a permanent witness, hold me there, only in the full presence. I am aware that I have much lived in maya, a misguided and apparent, reality created by the mind that in no way is the original reality. I’ve been prevented to know the truth as it is, that reality only go with the spiritual eye. The three books of Ramon Gallegos invite you to enjoy the direct experience of reality, there is no more. Invensis often addresses the matter in his writings. Exit of the ego that is attached to the movement, to memory, to non-liability; walking alone and without walking, that requires desire, determination, courage and dignity. Whenever Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The illuminated consciousness book speaks of the Buddhist path to exit from Hence from ignorance: moral development, development of knowledge and development of attention, a triple door that I tunes and desamarra. Reading the book happiness nectar invites you to experience the direct experience, to remain there, living in such an expansion in movement, but in truth found in intangible rest.

Because you need to know, let the ignorance, but this also means leave the thought because thought deceives. Required knowledge, a real knowledge, spiritual knowledge that observes and routes to discover that inside and only there, is real happiness. A point which I think is very important, because much I wondered about that in these years of study, is about the evolution of consciousness. What is it?, changes or no changes, because if I am a real awareness, the essence, you can not evolve, now is clear: there is a conscience at rest and another attached to the duality, that is the answer and when arrives the order and the understanding, I find serenity.


The stages of the believer, the Finder and observer represent inferior, the best and superior and in the same vein represent conditions better or worse for the development of spiritual intelligence, which is articulating a new vision the world’s no-dualista meditation is staying in mindfulness, science says that you regret is a product of the brain, however, brain is actually a product of the mind e; the brain is created by the mind, or better said by consciousness, there is a relationship between the two. In the world of duality everything is changing, everything is impermanent, it is in a flow and constant change. Thoughts come and go, they arise and they dissipate, being however, remains. Perhaps check out Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA for more information. I true, being permanent, is the basis or context occurs where everything, where the idea of the external and internal. Being is not an object, is the true transpersonal subject that unifies known, what is known and the knowledge. Spiritual knowledge is through the eye of contemplation, an eye that is beyond thought, is a direct, liberating knowledge of illusions, the eye of contemplation is the eye of spiritual intelligence. The pleasure is suffering gold coated, why hedonism leads to a degradation of consciousness; more attachment to pleasure more suffering.

It is not escape from suffering, but to understand it. We suffer by ignorance, by keeping our true identity. The illuminated consciousness. Intelligence spiritual II spiritual awakening is the awakening of the consciousness, in this book Dr. Gallegos makes reference to the consciousness of is say, empirical consciousness related to an object that is as understood, speak of the consciousness itself is, of itself, consciousness of the original consciousness that does not depend on objectsThis enlightened consciousness is the substratum of all that exists, is the dispassionate observer who looks at everything with detachment, is our true nature hidden by clouds of conditioning. The spiritual awakening is the awakening of the enlightened consciousness; Consciousness, being and happiness are the same thing, are three names for the absolute, three aspects of a single perfection.

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Astrology & Horoscopes: You know yourself well? For centuries, we are interested in the people for astrology and horoscopes; Time to take a closer look at these methods. Etymology Astrology Astrology deals with the motions of the planets and other celestial bodies around to find out what impact they have on our lives. The word astrology is derived from Greek words Astrologia and means as much as the study of the stars”. Astrology is often used to calculate the positions of the planets at certain times. The oldest horoscope of an individual date (April 29) can be up in the year 410 B.C.E.

in Babylon, due to. Astrology is used individual characteristics, finding out strengths and potentials. It is also assumed that the Jesus at birth visited Magi (white man), was an astrological priest of the what was then Persia. Each planet has unique properties and energy projected from him elements and zodiac sign. Signs of the Zodiac are but also with the various Connected elements (Earth, water, air and fire). These elements are connected to the twelve houses in the personal horoscope.

These twelve houses are the signs of the Zodiac Aries (zodiac), Bull, twins, cancer, Lion, Virgin, balance, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and fish. These elements are associated with the four seasons (winter, spring, summer and autumn). The word Zodiac rings from the Greek and means circle of animals”. The elements represent the basic disposition and temperament of each sign of the Zodiac, while the properties of the elements reflect is the behavior. “Etymology horoscopes the word horoscope is also derived from the Greek of Horoscopos” which means as much as the clock Watcher. Today’s Horoscopes are represented with tables (chart) that portray you to future events. The Moon dictates how you react as emotionally. If you pay attention to the horoscopes of your date of birth, then see that some planets are in the houses while others are in turn empty. Each House represents different areas in your life. Planet & energies these stars and planets with its different aspects determine the various events in your life; but not only that, they determine even your behavior, mood and character traits. Do you know your positive characteristics? Let’s take a quick look at the various properties of our friendly star sign: Aries: Aries are adventurous, brave, versatile, passionate, positive and passionate Bull: Bulls are very sensual, stable, warm and welcome. Twins: Twins are especially adaptable, versatile, enthusiastic, eloquent, funny and intellectually. Cancer: Cancers are creative, intuitive, loyal, loving, emoti economic and protective. Lion: Lions have a big heart, are energetic, optimistic, direct and loyal. Virgin: Virgins are very accurate, intelligent, practical, analytical, reliable and modest scale: scales are tactful, romantic, charming, diplomatic and balanced Scorpion: Scorpions are determined, anxiety come on, loyal, ambitious, intuitive, and confident shooter: Sagittarians are optimistic, directly, intellectually, philosophically, generous and adventurous Capricorn: Capricorns are practical, ambitious, smart, disciplined, patient and cautious Aquarius: Aquarians are fish friendly, human, intelligent, resourceful, independent and loyal: fish are creative, compassionate, intuitive, sensitive and selflessly so, astrology and horoscopes are a science that helps human behavior,, Personality and mind to understand. Why you not a glimpse her daily horoscope free to get a better overview of future events. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA insists that this is the case. Of course suitable also, month, weekly and yearly horoscopes for this purpose very well!

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