Tax Rules

Recently adopted a new tax rules of procedure of verification of the actual address. Now, according to the source of the chp, owners of premises have to give their future tenants confirming that the company will rent their area. And yourself fiscals not going to send appropriate requests to the owner of square meters. But even if the letter of guarantee tax is still often denied to future entrepreneurs stating, for example, that such an address does not exist. Connect with other leaders such as Coen Brothers here. Try to refute – not to pull the same inspectors are in office Will not be able to start work and those who planned to rent space in the office center.

Addresses that have already been spelled out dozens of companies, a priori, be considered "bad" – ie "mass registration". In the end, to establish a company with a registration in the office center is now impossible. Often motivated by tax waiver by the fact that the legal address does not match the actual. The most absurd is that now the businessmen can not make changes to documents previously registered firms. Tax specialists believe that even the companies are working on "Defect address".

Tightening the registration procedure began in mid-August, says our source. Now the action of the tax passed a reasonable boundary. Fiscals calculate that taxpayers would not be able spend time at the court hearing, and will not complain. As one representative of small business, one company went to court – and won it, but only after a year. Moreover, the bailiffs had to force to take on business registration documents. This gives reason to tax authorities of 46 inspections with the impish smile of taxpayers send to the court. On taxpayer's appeal to the prosecutor is not yet known.

About Danto Gmb

Thomas Stoltz thanked for the support. The event at the Nurburgring was also KRS Motorsports Walsh sports management enables and, which resulted in the background smoothly and offered a special candy motor sport fans travelled to: these were not only up close look at a racing car, a Porsche GT3 Cup with nearly 400 Horsepower, but even sit in the driver’s seat. For the day of the 24-hour cycling race the Danto GmbH and the other sponsors on the Porsche GT3 Cup could prove advertising space and financially support the work of Christiane Eichenhofer Foundation by contributing donations. “As we have learned from the charity action by Doc Tom and friends for the Christiane Eichenhofer Foundation was immediately clear to us that we love to help this project”, says CEO Daniel Darga support of Danto GmbH. “even in the current difficult economic situation we must not forget those who have accidentally fallen in emergency, and here in the” “special children.” It is also the donation of Danto GmbH in the amount of 1.000,-euro, that several thousand euros for the good thing together came at the end of the race. (A valuable related resource: Time Warner). About Danto GmbH was founded in the year 2002, the Danto GmbH is its main distribution channels of online commerce (e-commerce) and the shop in Grosskarolinenfeld are a medium-sized trading company. In addition, active customer consulting and sales on the phone and by eMail takes place.

Audiences are both consumer as well as corporate clients and dealer, as well as public facilities. Purchasers of products are found predominantly in the European area. There are more than 150,000 products in the assortment. In addition to the main shop with articles from the fields of technology and Unterhaltungseletronik, security technology, car accessories, cable and adapter, kitchen and catering accessories, textiles, sunglasses and jewellery special offers,,, and with special items contribute to the success of the business. The Danto GmbH sells an own product, a high-quality screen protector is made precisely for different device displays under the trade names OnScreen. The production of high-quality screen protectors using state of the art equipment at the site held since September 2007. Press contact: Florian Konig Danto GmbH Max-Josef-str. 2 83109 Grosskarolinenfeld telephone: +49-(0)8031-2216392 fax: +49-(0)8031-2216360 eMail:

Windows Programmer

But then, as it had not happened, as in a joke: Caught Programmer goldfish, she says to him: – make a wish. – I want peace in the world! – No, it's hard. Get more background information with materials from Goop London, United Kingdom-uk. – Well, then let Windows works fine. – Hey, how about world peace? You can go to the Gift of humor. an internet resource. For example, one of the mandatory attributes of the programmer is a computer mouse. And that if to give him a live mouse? Which must be fed, which should take care to look, clean the cage? Mice – gregarious animals, they very sociable. Educate yourself with thoughts from CBS. Spend much time in joint play and care for one another, so it is desirable to acquire a minimum of two mice.

For them, your friend would be happy to watch, looking up from another computer play or rest, coming up with another masterpiece of software. And that, to observe animals programmers still love to be out of this anecdote: Returned once programmer home from work. Meet – the frog. and she tells him chelovecheksim voice: – Listen, I'm not a frog, a bewitched princess. If you kiss me, I raskolduyus you marry me and we shall live joyfully and happily. You have an incredibly lucky! The programmer raises frog, puts it in his pocket and walked on. A frog in your pocket jerks: – You do not understand! I have to kiss – I turn into a beautiful girl you marry me The programmer pulls the frog out of his pocket and explains: – You know, I programmer.

ABC Company

With the help of standard solutions of '1 C: Complex Automation 8 'automated the entire cycle of operations, sales management of sales planning prior to shipment. A unified database that stores the history of relationships with customers and information about the needs of clients. This excluded cases of losing a customer due to vacation or dismissal of the responsible officer, as well as the simultaneous operation of multiple managers with the same client. The program allows you to segment customers using the tools of ABC and XYZ analysis by profit and the number of sales. This allowed more effectively manage customer relationships and create for each individual customer price lists.

Organized work with regular customers: discounts, ability to work in the credit and prepayment, which contributed to higher customer loyalty. The number of patrons has increased by 20% as a consequence, increased sales. Official site: Joel and Ethan Coen. Pricing mechanisms implemented in the program made it possible to monitor competitors' prices and compare them with market prices. On the basis of analytical information by the marketing department were designed and carried out successful activities and events that helped increase the company's profit by 5% and attract new customers. Procurement planning and inventory management enabled a 30% speed up the delivery process, which is very important to the success of the enterprise, since the goods come from China to Russia through third country – Kazakhstan. Automation has allowed to manage a commodity that is still in its path. Initially, the goods are delivered across the border with China in Almaty, where he was getting registered in the system, then products are sent to other branches of the company. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk has firm opinions on the matter. Thus, immediately after receipt of the goods in Almaty branch manager can reserve product for the customer.

Procurement planning is in accordance with the plan sales, which account managers are no longer on the statistics for the previous period, and based on current customer needs. It possible to accelerate the turnover of products in stock and reduce the cost of storage of finished products. Through the effective management of residues and reserve products at stores are virtually eliminated errors in the collection order. Automated Cash Management (planning revenues, control spending money) and the formation of the payment calendar has reduced cash gaps. According to the director companies 'TEMP-TOOLS' Dmitry Petrovich Kireev: 'Experts Chelyabinsk branch of '1 C: Accounting and Trade' (ICE) has successfully coped with the tasks. Our guide was useful tools management accounting, such as a report on gross margins, which we use daily, and without which it is not our future activities. It allows us at any time to obtain data on operating profit how each branch of the company and across the company as a whole. Much better planned purchases, which allowed us to greatly shorten delivery of finished products to customers. We thank the company 'ICE' in successful completed project. "


The tarot is a divinatory practice that a special, compound mallet of seventy uses and eight letters that receive the name of arcane. It says the legend that in Old Egypt existed a wise person, Thot. The Gods decided to award it, and to grant to him to a knowledge superior, because they thought that Thot would be the unique Earth person able to include/understand the meaning of the tarot of exact way. For the Gods, the relation between tarot and future were clear: the tarot was the means conceived by the Egyptian divinities, to anticipate its faithful worshippers to them what had to them provided the destiny. Thot included/understood quickly that similar knowledge and power involve a responsibility superior. People such as CBS would likely agree. Consequently, it hid the tarot, that in fact they were not letters, but a series of 78 laminillas of gold, sinking it in the Nile river. But before doing it, it chose some disciples to continue with this sagrada education throughout the time. Thot believed, like its Gods had to him well-educated, that this knowledge, the one of the symbolism and the interpretation of these laminae, he was everything what a human being would need throughout his life.

And it was not mistaken. The name tarot derives from book of Thot. Luckyly, like many other Egyptian legacies of the culture, sciences and the arts, the tarot managed to prevail for the men, like that original gift that the Gods decided to do to them. Throughout history, the practice of the tarot was becoming more and more common between different towns from the antiquity. But, when arriving the Average Age, with the Obscurantism, the tarot happened to be clandestine for the town, by the fear of being accused of hereje that it dared to practice the cartomancy. Nevertheless, the encumbrados kings and noble never stopped realising this practice within the different ones you cut European.

Only that the town was remote for a long time of the arcane ones. With the successive European wars, and the sailor and troop movement by the coasts of the Mediterranean, the tarot began to revivir again. Finally, the intention of the Gods had been fulfilled: the one to give to the people the tarot, thus the future it would be developing, for a greater knowledge of the things. In order to protect the practice of the tarot of the destructive hands of the inquisidores ones, the cartomancy was disguised of game, showing once again that the human spirit is unmanageable, still before crudest of the realities.

The Minister

On the possibility of an electoral advancement, has insisted that he does not It interferes in a decision that falls exclusively to the President of the Government and has been considered irrelevant as they may be at the end of November or in early March, although he, as spring approaches like most everything. White has dndido once more the need to comply with the times and exhausted so the legislature until March, and added that we can say with authority that the country’s interests also coincide with the interests of PSOE. Curbelo wouldn’t be included on the Socialist lists White has also talked about the Senator Casimiro Curbelo, arrested last Thursday in Madrid after an incident with the police, which has said that if confirmed his performance in this case, and not to leave the seat, the party may not include it in the upcoming electoral lists. The Minister has stressed that confirm what appears in the crowded police,

Curbelo is a fact which must be failing and the PSOE disapproves. Asked if the Socialist Group is going to request to submit his resignation, white pointed out that they will move him clearly and when they have all the information, the opinion of the party.We must not forget that we are also on the brink of an election and if he does not move tab does not make decisions, since then, the PSOE could not be included in the upcoming electoral lists, has pointed out. The Secretariat of international policy of the PSOE and coordinator of the Socialist election campaign for the upcoming General, Elena Valenciano, rejected Saturday the behavior of Curbelo (US ashamed, he noted in his account on the social network Twitter) and felt that he should resign. The Socialist Group in the Senate warned on Friday that will take measures if verifies that Curbelo not acted properly, although the Senator said the same day that does not intend to resign. Source of the news: white warns that if Europe does not reach an agreement on Greece the risk premium “not fall”..

Panorama Knife Now Also In Germany

A sharp idea from Switzerland, now with German motifs panorama knife: the idea – unique worldwide – is easy and sharp: the jagged line of the cutting edge of the knife depicts different panoramic views. In a question-answer forum WarnerMedia was the first to reply. Whether Constance or the mountain region of Saas fee – the blade shows the beauty of the mountains and bread cutting you can with this product of course. The Swiss quality ensures long-lasting sharpness – a useful design product. The inventor, Andy Hostettler from Ermatingen on Lake Constance, says: it is a product for people who have everything. That there are some of them in Germany, confirm the requests. The PanoramKnife is a lifestyle product for people who love the special and are for those who are a little crazy about mountains and holiday. Currently, you can buy knives with the panoramas of Bernese Oberland, Zurich, Saas fee, Walllis and Lucerne. Panorama knife DE has the motif of the Bodensee and is soon more motifs present.

The preparations are completed, the Zugspitze, the Karwendel and the Chiemgau they can already be pre-ordered. For travel industry, hoteliers and companies in cities and regions, who are looking for a unique product or gift for your customers, there is a special service. The inventor of the PanoramKnife: We can create almost any panoramic scene. So if you want an own knife in your region or city, we can produce this, with their logo on the knife in a few weeks”. The knives are made of high quality stainless steel and available either with handle made of rosewood or polypropylene plastic. “The idea for a panoramic knife Andy Hostettler came on a clear September 2011: the mountains with your teeth looked like razor blades.” After implementation of this idea, the Thurgau hotelier and entrepreneur sold several thousand knives in the month. You can buy the blades under, here you can also order motifs. There are dashing scenes here: dealer inquiries are welcome: contact: Panorama knife Germany AG & co. Island Road 8-10, 45326 Essen, Tel. 0151 58870903 contact of Andreas Reidl) Stefan Lode

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