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If this thinking to start a business or to raise the profitability of which already have, perhaps these ideas will help to better focus their efforts and resources, in general a business over the Internet or a traditional business have similarities and differences also, some examples. Planeacion.tanto a business over the Internet or a traditional business require planning which defines among other things the type of business, the market, the necessary resources both human and materials, funding sources and strategies for its operation, administration and maintenance. A traditional business can be complemented with an Internet portal, which surely will increase your chances by accepting the idea that a web site is like a showcase open to the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even can be approached for some local or specific sector only if so required. A business by Internet or cyberspace can or may not be based on traditional, one with the advantage that can operate in an almost entirely automated manner, and from any place, even from home or when traveling, if so deemed suitable. Time. To plan and put up a traditional business requires considerable time, some deadlines depend from third parties as they are the procedures legal, delivery of goods, the work of adaptation of the premises, among others. Unlike a cyber business that can be installed relatively quickly, could tell more slow it is defining the business idea, when she already have instrumented a sufficiently functional portal can take around 30 days. Viabilidad.En times of crisis things get tough and appear doubts even before good ideas to start businesses, notes that few get great benefits; while others try to solve their problems with reducing expenses and investment, affecting sometimes severely its image and its level of business, even carried out staff reductions; while others tend to close because the profitability line is too far.

Medical Congress

Medical Congress in Munich’s Olympic Park on the eve of the 25th Munich MARATHON, on October 9, 2010 is in the Munich Olympic Park together with representatives of the TU Munich, the Medical Park St. Hubertus from bad Wiessee and comed GmbH from Cologne of 1 Munich MARATHON Congress instead. 200 sports physicians, orthopedists, cardiologists, internists, physiotherapists and training scientists are loaded. The Congress will address medical and diagnostic aspects of marathon running. The 1st Munich MARATHON Congress takes place in the Munich MARATHON fair on October 9, 2010 in the event arena in the Olympic Park Munich instead. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. med.

Martin Hall, Chief Medical Director of the Center for preventive and rehabilitative sports medicine of the Technische Universitat Munchen and Prof. Dr. med. This Congress Thomas Horstmann, Chief of Orthopaedics of Medical Park St. Hubertus in bad Wiessee offers the participating physicians, researchers, therapists and training scientists the possibility of a practical training in the field preventive performance diagnostics and therapy. Renowned speakers will inform about various aspects of marathon running, E.g. about the maximum load for the cardio vascular system and the joints about effects of marathon running for heart, knee and feet and diagnostic procedures such as treadmill analyses and Laktatmessungen.

More of the Congress focuses on functional clothing, the right diet and nutritional supplements for marathon runners and the area training motivation and lifestyle. The Convention is complemented by an exhibition. Unique to the 1st Munich MARATHON Conference is the spatial and temporal proximity of medical conference with trade exhibition, the Munich MARATHON, the Marathon exhibition, and thereby possible close networking of participants and exhibitors. Already last year cooperated in the Munich MARATHON and the Technical University of Munich. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Martin Hall, Chief Medical Director of the Center for preventive and rehabilitative sports medicine of the technical University of Munich the physical stress of a marathon run were examined among participants of the Munich MARATHON 2009. 200 recreational athletes aged 20-60 years were before and after the marathon through ECG devices, 3-D ultrasound devices and cameras for the measurement of the ocular fundus. Information about the 1st Munich MARATHON Congress can be obtained from. MARATHON on October 10, 2010 for more information about the 25th Munich, the Munich MARATHON celebrates a Jubilee: thousands of runners from home and abroad on the way through the Bavarian metropolis make for the 25th time. In addition to the marathon, the marathon season and the 10-kilometer run, there will be 2010 three innovations: a half marathon race, the contest S’COOL RUN reminiscent of their own history and the home town of Munich, and a costume run on historic route. The route of the 25th Munich MARATHON here resembles a sightseeing tour. It runs in a clockwise direction through Munich and past the city’s most beautiful attractions. The marathon, the marathon season and the 10-kilometer run roadside Ackermann at the Olympic Park will be launched.

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