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The result of successful communication is Increasingly to architecture as an indispensable part of company identity medium-sized companies understand the power of the brand as a recipe for success. They fulfilled the classic requirements of brands in terms of product and service quality, availability and uniform appearance, first they discover now the architecture as an indispensable part of company identity and thus the actual brand core. The demands on industrial and commercial buildings, which serve the company’s identity, are high. Because they include not only the distinctive, memorable architecture, but equally the sophisticated structure of the work processes in the building, modern workplaces that make employees happy, and lower operating costs, improve the efficiency. If all of these aspects are met, building is a great opportunity for medium-sized enterprises to enhance their competitiveness\”Markus Dosch, confirmed Managing Director of FREYLER Kenzingen/Riesa, industrial construction, a company that specializes in custom building. \”Individual architecture is not a privilege of the industry giants, but in his thinking and being accessible to even the middle class\”, says Markus Dosch. But he needed a roof over their heads after the destruction of the second world war only once to resume production at all.

So emerged in the post-war period anywhere in Germany those ugly industrial estates, which soon as shoe box architecture\”were abused. As the middle class has long had developed into the undeniable backbone of the German economy, went from intelligent niche successfully in the export and from the made in Germany\”recognised brands had created, still the usefulness principle dominates the building. False modesty, fear of high costs, low construction knowledge and much uncertainty prevented Enterprise-building. Siegfried Freyler, founder of Siegfried FREYLER metal construction, realized the problem and saw the solution. in 1980 he founded FREYLER Industriebau GmbH and began to develop a system which specially built confidence for the middle class. With success: Today plans and realizes the FREYLER group around 100 industrial, commercial and leisure buildings in the year increasingly abroad.

Rudi Klostermann

Cost accounting, the company of running business transactions and other”paperwork”is just for founder of a seemingly intractable challenge. Hamburg. Accounting, cost accounting, business incident booking a red cloth. For founder, which of them do not have idea. As for freelancers, self-employed persons and small companies who don’t have time for this. Last but not least for companies from the middle class who have no staff for this because your vested balance can be not just active accountant. A balance sheet accountant, who supervises more than just the middle class Rudi Klostermann such cases call on the plan: the IHK-approved, independent balance sheet accountant applies for start-ups and small businesses as well as the top address in terms of cost accounting and accounting areas such as for customers of medium-sized: more customers engage me as a firefighter for your accounting department, when personnel shortages arise, as due to illness, vacation, or pregnancy.

As well I’m engaged but for founder here or other companies from small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have a lot of the hat with business plan, cost accounting and balance sheet accounting. How should they? It is virtually impossible not only to founder, cost accounting and other eight-Thousander struggling to balance sheet accountant commonplace are for, comes for Rudi Klostermann not about: I even have the professional balance accountant of the Pike learned and pursues him for decades. This experience is also necessary so that I can offer other comprehensive and appropriate assistance in accordance with 6 tax consultancy Act. This combination of expertise and practice is inherently unattainable for founder, but also for businesses from small – and medium-sized businesses, Rudi Klostermann notes. Remember, even the handful of change hours introduction to cost accounting and accounting nothing, be part of the popular seminars for entrepreneurs. Rudi Klostermann reminds us that every car driving licence owners must present at least 18 hours before you let him at the wheel: and even he is considered for years as a novice.

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